Monday, May 29, 2006

Having A Brilliant Blond Moment

As I have submerged myself into the Blog-o-verse, I have had many insights and discovered many things I didn't know about myself which I wish to share:

1. I have a confession: I'm a technophobe! I have always been ashamed about this. However, after learning (a bit more) about computers through My Horrendous Blogging Initiation and sharing my horror stories with others, I discovered there are LOTS of us technophobes out there! And some are quite brilliant people! If I can learn the basics of blogging, so can you... if you want to read this blog by the technophobe dummie of all time! I'm on my way to becoming a baby geek, and this is an huge achievement for me.

2. I can communicate how to do BASIC things on (or is it with?) computers because I have a simple way of explaining things to others. Learning blog basics and etiquette along with computer html skills has been a steep learning cuve for me. Of course, I have been self- taught which is the maddening way to trying to climb a muddy hill in flip flops. Therefore, I can teach others how to create a basic blog. I will leave it to the experts to teach the advanced courses. Blogging For Dummies as taught by me, a flaxen haired blog blond is do-able! I have emapthy for others who have technophobia and who freeze up and/or get angry and/or who go hysterical and who react with other negative reactions stemming from blog frustration. Have I ever been there!

3. When I'm not throwing things out the window in a hissy fit because of blog frustration, I laugh a lot. Laughter is healing. It helps to release the tension when your blog or computer isn't working right. I will offer suggestions on how to cope when this blog world drives you to the brink. I have a couple of remedies that have worked for me.

4. In the blogging world I have discovered (through the school of harsh experience) that the HELP button on many blog sites is a joke. I'm serious...there's NO ONE HOME! If you even get an answer from a robot, count yourself lucky. Of course, nine times out of ten, the computerized automated reply doesn't begin to answer your question. Give it up that one of these automated zombies is going to take pity on you and actually respond. Of course, there IS an exception to this. For instance, you can actually chat with someone from Blog Explosion online as I've done on several ocassions. This helped me recover from my fifty millionth nervous breakdown.

5. Tips and helpful blog links and connections will be offered here on blog-blond, so check back frequently to see what's new! Most likely I will also vent, spew, stomp and storm and name names of the blog androids I have discovered and continue to discover which annoy me to no end. Venting is very cathartic for me.

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