Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Yes, Size DOES Matter!

And I'm mucking around with my training-wheel blog (not this one!) and trying to add something new on the sidebar as usual when I encounter a major glitch! No matter what I did, I couldn't fix it! So what does your kick-ass hot-headed blond teacher do, why she fires off one of her famous "Help Me" emails of course?! And Glory Be and Hallelujah, there was SOMEBODY HOME! Please note the new sidebar. That's me alright...Storm with blond hair. Uh-uh.

Not only was there somebody home, but after immediate and courteous service, he fixed me right up with colors to match my theme (his idea!) and emailed the code promptly! Now that's what I call a Saint! And I'm gonna name names, like I promised you I would in my first email.
His name is: Todd Dunning at WholeLink, a righteous company that links your site up with other sites for FREE! Check it out! You might want it for your blog too.

So what was my problem you ask? Size! I was having a hard time with the fit. I needed it smaller so it would be just right, got me? Now it's a perfect fit with my themed colors, and that makes me purrrrrrr.

I'm still grouchy about other items that won't fit, however, and if these items don't fit soon, then I'm giving them a boot with my Jimmy Choo stilettos.

Speaking of pointy-toed shoes, I am STILL awaiting news from a Blogring I joined that offered an icon of a pair of pointy red stilettos to mark their spot. I have sent them two very polite emails, and yet I have zilch response at the present time. Maybe they are working mothers as they state? Maybe that's why they don't answer me. Yes, that's probably it! So even though I'm craving those red shoe icons, I am going to cut them some slack...for a while anyway.

Your lesson for today as modeled by your fierce, stubborn teacher is to learn the merits of ASKING, PATIENCE, PERSERVERANCE and LETTING GO. These are necessary qualities to develop if you wish to stay a sane blogger.

Class dismissed.

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