Thursday, June 01, 2006

Apples are NOT ORANGES

Ok, class! I am going to diverge a bit from the abc's of beginning blogging for dummies. The topic today will be GETTING YOUR TERMINOLOGY RIGHT! This subject is prompted by an email from a student who obviously doesn't understand the difference between "link back" and "TrackBack"! Maybe you don't either. The latter is the correct wording: TrackBack! It's a one-word apple, and NOT an orange! Got that?

I will re-print a portion of the email at the end of the post for several reasons. The gal obviously needs a plug for her blog, and since she used her desperation and creativity, she deserves a plug. HOWEVER, she made some mistakes (including the last sentence in her email which doesn't even make sense. What was she smoking up there in the Rockies anyway? Or is she just another writer who needs to edit herself? I'll let you ponder this one.)Her obvious Number One Blunder is not understanding how TrackBacks work and EVEN the correct name.

First of all, since she is using, she couldn't do a trackback if she wanted to! It would be a miracle since Blogger doesn't even have it available. The more advanced platforms like Movable Type, TypePad, WordPress and Radio UserLand include TrackBack as an option. Pro-bloggers are the primary users of trackbacks because they have an ENORMOUS need for attention and readership, and that is why they got so damned good at blogging in the first place.

So what you ask is a TrackBack? For one thing, it's not as bad as having a tack in your back. Har har! Seriously, it's close. I'ts like this: someone wants to get in on the action, and so instead of leaving a comment at the bottom of your blog (as you can easily do with Blogger), they leave their remarks about your post embedded into their post. Pretty sneaky, eh? The TrackBack is INVISIBLE to the writer's readers, but not to the ORIGINAL WRITER'S BLOG where it magically appears on the bottom as a TrackBack. Don't ask me how this happens. It has something to do with circles, computer magic and the craving to get connected.

I'm not ready to do a TrackBack yet either, dear confused beginner blogger, if that makes you feel any better. I have just begun my first WordPress blog this week, and already I am throwing things around my home, and my cat is ducking for cover. Lightening is flashing across a once-clear blue sky whenever I try to make photos work for this blog!

Here's the abbreviated email that I mentioned above. Try not to smirk and feel superior. Give this beginner blogger some love and go check out her new blog ( if you have time after you have done your blogging homework. Need I say it again, WRITE! Class diss-missed! Yes, I spelled that right!

The Email:

Just read 'Size Matters' on your Blond Blog. You crack me up. But IT absolutely DOES matter!

Here is a new HEADLINE for your Blog....

MAKING IT BIG ...........

Sixty year old woman, Maggie Stone, decides to start life over in the Colorado Rockies.
Unable to find work, in a desperate attempt to 'make it' no matter what, gets a Big Foot costume and rents herself out for summertime, outdoor parties for the low price of $100 per night.

Ms. Stone guarantees to scare the daylights out of your guests, but also remarks that the costume is NOT bullet proof and performs in rural locations only. Her goal is to expand her business by next summer and get a 'baby Big Foot' costume and hire a greedy, deranged child. Everyone knows that mother's with babies can get very tempermental.

Can we get that link back? Yours and mine?

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