Tuesday, June 27, 2006

How do the Big Blogs do it?

Yoohooo....class I'm back! I've been on a research journey within the World Wide Weird looking for information to share with you, my devoted students. And do I ever have a lot to share which will assist you in growing your blog! So Listen Up!

First, I have been studying this article posted by one of the bigger boyz, Seth Godin, on his blog about How to get traffic for your blog. Even though he contradicts himself in #11 and #13, I know he did that on purpose, didn't you Seth? You're a naughty boy trying to keep us on our tippy toes, right? Anyway, he offers up lots of goodies for you to study and employ.

If you're wondering why I posted two of the above images, I am following Seth's advice and some other advice as well from another article I read. Seth says in #21: "Use photos. Salacious ones are best." Well, as you know from reading this blog, I told you the same thing about photos and images. HOWEVER, I didn't go so far as telling you to use 'salacious ones'. And I won't tell you to do so now, but hey, EYE CANDY sure does help catch the attention! Thus my photo of a beautiful girl. Eye candy does break up the monotony of a class, eh? (smug smirk)

The second image is of a lucky talisman because I need it for I discovered the cruel truth that (as I suspected) your very adorable Blog-Blond blog is a "Multicellular Microorganism" in the TTLB Ecosystem. I'm just one step up from "insignificant microbes" in Mr. Bear's slambook. But then again, I told you in my own inimitable words that I am just a quark away from you who are probably these insignificant ones. Mr. Bear has proven me right. But hey, thanks to the Angel Luna, I have this information posted about my lowly blog status in my sidebar. I didn't get those crazy pj's as an icon, but that's ok because I can now inform Mr. Bear that I have indeed linked back to him! And I have one other thing going for me that isn't revealed in Mr. Bear's graphs and calculations, I am eye candy! Oh yes, you better believe it!

Back to Seth's suggestions--his number seven one says to "share your expertise generously so people recognize it and depend upon you." Check...I'm doing that Seth! This blog is all about serving and sharing everything I am learning! However, I'm not ready to use your number 14 or 10 suggestions. Not yet, anyway. If I remain at the multicellular microorganism stage much longer, I might be forced to comply with your suggestions and become this devious blond. Will I still love myself when I look in the mirror in the morning? Time will tell.

The second article I want you to read is this one. It'a titled "How to run a sticky blog", and it's written by Mimi, a blogging success and one of my sheroes! Mimi is amazing...her blog is hilarious...and I want to party with her and all of the other sheroes who made it through their blogs someday when I am in their stratosphere. You will find Mimi's blog listed with the other links in my sidebar...it's called Mimi in New York. Her story is very inspiring, but I don't want to take away any of the fun for you of reading it by telling you too much. I will say this: Mimi knows how to be provocative. No, this isn't a p**** blog, but it does have graphic content. So don't say I didn't warn you!

That's it for today class! Since no one guessed the famous man yet, the t-shirt I offered to the winner is still up for grabs. Maybe if I get more savy readers eventually and my hair has turned white, someone will send me the answer. Notice the new gmail addition in my profile. If you want to give it your best shot and guess, go for it or make a comment. Whatever!

Class dismissed! Remember.....tipping is good for me and for you too!

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