Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Ok class, Listen Up! Let your photos speak volumes for your blog! If you have to cut and paste the old fashioned way as your beloved teacher did with the above photo to make herself perfectly clear, then do it. As you know, most people don't wanna read anyway...they just wanna look at the pictures, right? Oh, I know people claim they want content, but do they really? I can site many examples of popular blogs that have zero value and almost no text. Give me your feedback with your comments. I want to know if you like this lipstick shade above. Tell me true... is it too bright, too come-hither? Will I look too naughty when I run errands? Does it convey a tarty image? I want to hear everything. I promise I won't stomp on you with my single black stiletto! I don't know where the matching one went to. Did you take it?

For those that don't know about comments, see that itsy bitsy little thing that vaguely resembles a pencil at the bottom of this posting. This is where you will leave your insights, gripes and revelations. Since the moderator (which would be me in this case) can approve or disapprove of what you write, you may or may not see your pithy remarks posted on my blog. Lately the oh-so-kinky prose written to me has been deemed unsuitable for worldwide publication by me, your Scandalous Censor. Isn't that great that I can censor you? It's quite understandable that you wanna see my stilettos, and someday I might make your wish come true and post a photo. Or maybe not. Maybe I will just frolick on the beach some more so I can be photographed by the paparazzi in my Versace bikini. No, no....really, I want to post photos. I've been restraining myself, so I could actually teach you something, but maybe I have been kidding myself.

So have you been posting away? Have you posted at least five times? If so, let's go get you enrolled at Blogexplosion. What's that I hear you say? Why, my dears, it's your chance to see how the big boyz and girlz do it! I want you to go there and sign up and surf around. After looking over the competition, you may feel inspired to spiff up your blog, tidy up all those gadawful spelling errors and do as I say today...add pictures, pictures, pictures!

Class Dismissed...Don't Make Me Have to Say It! Ok...hint: the word starts with D.

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