Friday, June 16, 2006

Taking the Blogging Bull By The Horns

Listen Up Class:

I'm gonna make my lesson of the day short and sweet because today is TGIF, and today I lunch with the ladies. I must remove these blogging chains from time to time--and so must you! And yet, new evidence suggests that if you keep a journal every day, this is How You Turn Yourself Into A Genius. Read all about this fascinating study here.

This article by columnist Ken Korczak should inspire you blogging dummies--it put a fire under my ass. After all, I am just one quark different from you which implies a lot if you think about it. Try not to think about it too much though.

The people mentioned in this article were the forerunners of bloggers. We stand on the shoulders of these dedicated daily journal-ers. Is there such a word? Once I blog enough, maybe I will become a genius and discover if there are such words, and who knows, maybe I will invent new words such as this silly sounding one: journal-ers. Or how about blogger-ers? Maybe one of my students will be the next Einstein or Hawking! Maybe we will all become genius-es! Imagine that! Hah! Thought provoking for sure.

As you can clearly see from the above paragraph, I am overwrought, spent and possibly hung-over. I desperately need to remove these chains that bind, relax and have my lunch with the ladies. So your homework is to Take The Bull By The Horns.... jump your lean, athletic bodies over this beast of blah... and blog until class resumes on Monday. Hopefully by then, your IQ will meet (at the very least) the height of your dog or cat. Don't tell me you have a mouse! Get outta here!

Class Dismissed! Oh, don't forget my donation lil dahlinks. Martinis on Maui? Got it?

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