Monday, June 19, 2006

Testing Time

Class, Listen Up! Your blondissimo teacher has been sorely tested as of late with certain "entities" causing her much grief. In order to alleviate some of my obsession with said grief, I have decided to pass a small portion of my personal "testing" onto you. Yes, it's TIME for a multiple choice test. Don't go hyperventilating on me or have a major meltdown. You know that I do "simple-speak" so this test should be really easy for you, and then your day is free. So here goes:

1. The meaning of RSS is:
a. Really Stupid Shit
b. Really Simple Syndication
c. Really Slimy Scourge

2. The meaning of moblog is:
a. I wanna read mo blogs
b. mob blogs are after me
c. mobile blogging

3. The meaning of html is:
a. Happy Turtle Makes Links
b. Hypertext Markup Language
c. Hungover To Monday Leverage

4. The meaning of link love is:
a. lustful email message
b. lovers link up
c. reciprocal linking

5. The meaning of "to fisk" is:
a. To viciously attack a blog post of another
b. slang for f***
c. Similar to airport security frisking

6. The meaning of blogroll is:
a. rolling your blog down a hill
b. rolling your blog up a hill
c. favorite friends listed on your site

7. The meaning of blogstipation:
a. frequent problem that comes from sitting too much while writing your blog
b. serious shit which bloggers hide
c. blogging blahs

8. The meaning of spamblog is:
a. robot's revenge
b. zero hand-written content
c. snide way to screw with someone's blog

9. The meaning of template is:
a. temporary plate of food set at your computer by concerned family members
b. set of design elements wend through your blog
c. that scary box full of weird stuff

Did you happen to notice the lovely collage I displayed above? Let's just say this: photos speak volumes. Don't you agree?

Class dismissed! On your way out, don't forget the tip jar!

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