Friday, June 02, 2006

Thank Goddess It's Friday

Now I see from talking with several of my students, we have to clear up a misconception about blogging and making money from your blog(s). Before we move ahead with the abc's of blogging for dummies, get your heads out of your a**** and remember the PURPOSE or INTENTION for your blog is to communicate! You're wordsmiths, remember? If anyone but your dog or your great auntie is going to read your blog or look at your lame photos, you must have something to say or show. CONTENT! Got it! We must never forget this as bloggers: we are artists or photographers or wordsmiths or agents of some weird cult, but we are communicators first and foremost. I know you don't want me to think you're schnooks, so get with the program. Stop reading all those blogging for money websites, and listen to your snarky teacher!

Your homework assisgnment is this: go to your local bookstore (or order it from Amazon or Barnes & Noble if you wanna)and purchase/read the classic "Writing Down the Bones" with the subtitle "Freeing the Writer Within" by Natalie Goldberg. This invaluable book is out in an expanded edition with a new preface and afterword by the author. This book has sold over a million copies the back cover says, and I believe it, even thugh I don't believe most hype. Why you ask? Because it's inspirational, and and it's way zen and flows with grace! Reading it will help you remember why you wanted to write or create in the first place! No, Natalie's not my relative or friend (yet), but I wouldn't mind having her as either.

Another good suggestion: check out this website: Begin with the letter "a" if you're really anal, and feed on the words. Say them outloud and let them roll off your tongue and drip down your chin like a juicy peach. Select something that gets you excited, and then write with a word or words. Hell, write a damned book over the weekend. Maybe you'll finally impress me. Whatever you do, stop counting your chickens before they hatch and dreaming about all the money you are going to make as a blogger and WRITE! Bragging about your homework success in the comments below will take my edge off , although don't expect me to answer as I am too busy writing my blogs.

Now get to it! On your way out, notice the handy-dandy DONATE icon on the upper left sidebar? It's activated and ready to rock 'n roll. Since I didn't post an ad here, it's the least you could do for your teacher.

Class dismissed.

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