Friday, July 14, 2006

Blogging Rehab

Class, as you may recall I don't post much on Friday as business (lunches) are a Friday event for me! Thus, I will only give you two brief recovery stories and a fabulous blog to study over the weekend if you really desire to get those coveted one-way links to your blog.

Buddy's Story

"My wife urged me, no...she bugged me the $@#(^^! to get my OWN blog! So I did so she would shut up, ya know? The next thing you know I gave up my job as a dentist, moved into my yurt and began blogging day and night, night and day until all the days merged into one giant blur. If I had known there was going to be a Blogathon, I would have joined in as I was blogging non-stop...hell, I could have done two days on the blogathon, and I wasn't even using. I was building the first blogging encylopedia until I was forced to stop by an intervention."

Marlene's Story

"It is as if I was possessed by entities who wanted me to write about their lives when they lived on Atlantis. Who knew that such a thing could happen with the harmless hobby of blogging? I was checked into a mental ward where I begged the nurses to get me a computer, and they all shook their heads knowingly. I guessed they were secretly blogging on their breaks."

Enough of that...moving onto the serious shit now: Study this article by the Blogging Fool as it is a masterpiece. If you're really into building one way links to your blog, the Blogging Fool's information is priceless. Thank you Blogging Fool. Hey, you're really must be trying to tell us something else with that name, uh?

PS Have a fab vacation Luna, you darling angel! She's the artistic genius who made this gorgeous Blog-Blond template.

Class Dismissed....don't forget to tip me! I'm worth it, baby!

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