Monday, July 31, 2006

Blond Plays Hardball

Class called to order! Where have I been you ask? Researching and nerding out like usual. Hey, the blogosphere is a giant beast, and to peek into all its crevices takes time & energy! The GOOD NEWS is I am loaded down with tips, links and ridiculous information which you may ponder where to file.

Let's begin with this excellent article in the New York Times titled "Les Blogs Herald France's Newest Inalienable Right" by Thomas Crampton. The French are so ahead of Americans, Britons and Germans with blogging it isn't even funny! Even the French president has a blog.

Would you like to learn how to add a link to an online newspaper article? Here's what you do: Look on your dashboard. I am using the Blogger platform, so I will use Blogger as my example, but most platforms have ways to add links. See that funny looking thing that looks like it came from the green lagoon? It's the third icon from the left. This is what you want to click on after you have highlighted whatever it is that you would like to provide a link to. A little box will pop up, and you will type your link in there. Don't forget to click on 'ok', or it won't be ok, and you will pull your hundrenth millionth hair out as I have done. Were it not for the fact that I have lots of hair, I would have been bald long ago. Trust me!

You know why I like the prestigious New York Times versus the equally prestigious Wall Street Journal? It's very simple: I can link to their stories. With the WSJ, it is nearly impossible to do so. Read what Techdirt (a great nerdy info rich site) has to say about the WSJ in their article titled "Does The Wall Street Journal Risk Becoming Irrelevant?" Quoting one line from this article, "Many people are giving up on the Wall Street Journal, in part because they can't link to the stories." That's how I feel too. How about ya'll? Care to comment? Don't get me wrong...the WSJ carries some excellent articles about blogging. I just can't link to them, and this is frustrating as I would like to share them with you. One article titled "Find a Blog" by Geoffrey A. Fowler would have been great to share with you. Now you will have to go find this article for yourself if you're interested because of the lack of my ability to link to it.

But not to worry. I will give you the ways to find a blog on my own. Here's the ways:

First of of my favorites: Technorati




Google Blog Search

I didn't list ALL of the many ways to search for blogs, but this will introduce you to the Biggies.

My homework for you: start searching for blogs. Learn your way around. Observe. And then share with me/us when you find something fabulous! I have started yet another blog (I know...don't even go there with me...I'm addicted...I admit it!). My new blog's focus is on fabulous sites, and it's title is Way Khool Sites. I couldn't help myself because I have discovered so many way khool sites that I needed to showcase them! Oy Vey.

Class Dismissed! Remember the tip jar. It's called Paypal, ya dunce!

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  • Blogger Bobby posted at Monday, July 31, 2006  
    You're da bomb! Da Best!
  • Blogger Jonathan posted at Wednesday, August 02, 2006  
    Great tips! I hadn't heard of IceRocket before - thanks!
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