Thursday, July 06, 2006

Livin' la Vida Blogging

Class called to order! We have lots of ground to cover today in our Jimmy Choo's or barefeet...whatever! I want to point out a wise comment made by marie b. regarding my last posting. I quite agree with her in that it's "tacky" to link with someone just to get them to link back if there isn't an agreed upon link exchange program. Thank you marie b. for bringing this valid point to our sumptious table. When I was posting my three week 'strike-you're-out-of-my-blog' rule if you fail to reciprocate as you said you would, I was referring to friends and/or link exchanges who don't walk their blog-etiquette. Total strangers approaching one for a link are an animal of a different stripe. My thoughts on this for complete clarity: we choose whom we wish to link with! It's a free blogging world! If you feel like you outta, shouldha, scheme-to (because it's your best friend's extremely wealthy mother-in-law who might sponsor advertising on your blog someday) or are forced to by the Blog Godfather's punks (mock shiver), then link-love is on it's way to link-hell. As it stands now, none of these apply to me, and I pray they don't apply to you! Yeh, sure there are some blogs that you link to out of pity, compassion, golden-oldie friendship and such, and these are just part of life. C'est la vie! Now let's all go to Paris soon and blog our dharma there together. Oui?

When it comes down to it, there's more important things than your blog rankings/links. Getting into a size 0 Balenciaga gown for a special event, paying your credit card bills in a timely way so your electricity doesn't get shut off and you can't blog and being generous with tasty treats for your pet should have a much higher priority in your life. Don't you agree?

Now onto business! If you could see how much shit I have to type in to give you this important link, you will truly believe I care for you! I was shocked myself when I saw it. Could I actually type that many eensy-weensy letters and symbols in one row so you could read this New York Times article titled "A Blog Mogul Turns Bearish on Blogs". The code is actually 111 characters. Do I have the love, the patience, the steady hand, the grip on reality, the eagerness to beg-to-differ with this gentleman to go for it? We shall here!

Whew! I did it! I will paraphrase a Benjamin Franklin quote here but substitute coffee for beer, "Coffee is proof that God is real and he loves us." Ok, back to this big-shot blog mogul. I will dole some truth out to ya'll, but I will use it sparingly so it doesn't cause too much stink: I don't agree with Mr. Mogul when he is quoted as saying, "...The world does not need more blogs...there is approximately one reader for every blog out there." Easy enough for him to say so everyone can read his Gawker blog.

I stand strong (on my blog soap box) for blogs and the exercise of blogging! Blogging is for every-man, every-woman, every-child, every-alien, every-critter that wants to express! It's about time that publishing was taken out of the hands of the elite and turned over to the common folk. Let everyone rant, rave, roar, ramble and reminisce. Are ya with me class? Let me know your feelings on this subject. I wanna hear from you!

See you soon with more important dish. Don't forget that tip jar!!!

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  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Friday, July 07, 2006  
    You are the funniest writer of ANY blog I read, and I will tell all my friends about you! You put effort into the information you write about. Most blogs are boring, but not yours--ever!
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