Friday, July 07, 2006

Thou Shalt Love Your-Blogging-Self

Ahem....class called to order. Yes, I know...TGIF! So I'll make this rant/lesson a fairly short one today. Here's your homework assignment for the weekend: I want you to consider why you blog, and then post your comments to me. Do you blog for readership, attention and desire to educate others as your snarky teacher does? Or do you blog for release and getting something off your hairy chest so you don't have to punch someone out? Or are you a lusty teenage girl who is dealing with aching desires and have no one else to share your feelings with? I REALLY want to know because I've been doing research on blogging aversion and discrimination as well as pondering online posts by (pompous-a**) bloggers referencing who and why people blog. From my own experiences and reactions from far-from-with-it friends, I am beginning to understand more about why blogging is a mystery to many, why it's been 'put-down' by others, and why some dismiss it with a look of disgust and a sneer on their face.

For instance, some people think that only teenage girls writing in cute-speak with bad grammar blog. Huh? What rock have these retards been living under? Others seem to think that blogs are merely online personal journals. Say what, you schmuck?! The ignorance and dismissive attitude from others I have encountered about blogging has blown my mind. A friend shared a hilarious story with me about a conversation he had with a relative he told about blogging. This other (I name no names here unless tickled with a pink feather for hours) person kept repeating the word 'cog'. My friend would repeat the word 'blog', but this other could only hear the word 'cog' because there was never a word such as blog in their school books.

Another issue I have is with pompous blog pundits who write that no one gives a s*** about you unless you're a celebrity. What total b.s.! Granted your blog may not have high rankings and links, but someone, somewhere may be fascinated with your posts. You must have some bored friends in jail who wants to read your blogs, right? We live in a society where voyeurism is at an all-time high and reality shows are the name of the game. Trust me--if you wanna write about yourself, and use the word "I", don't let these know-it-all's stop you. My only caveat would be to leave out certain words that will bring H******* S******* knocking on your door, if you know what I mean jellybean. Let your innerself out, and when you've been offered a big fat publishing contract to turn your blog into a book, you can thank your blondilicious teacher. I'm expecting each and everyone of my students to be a star!

My parting words of the day before you go off to your weekend's mis-adventures and take a pratfall in a public place because your mind was on something you wanted to blog: be proud that you're a blogger! Leave your blogging business cards everywhere you go! If you alienate friends with your blogging tales, well--you know what I think and feel--so 'nuf said.

Cheerio....don't forget me on your way out. The Paypal is right there on the sidebar! See ya!

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