Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Wonders of The Blogosphere

Yoohooo Class--I'm back with great leads, ideas and links. I have been researching them for us! Believe me when I write, "We have a long road ahead of us."

To begin with, note the odd-ball mixture of links on my sidebar. I want you to have fun with learning more about the blogosphere, so I have thrown the professorial in with the celebritorial. There are some fun, crazy links and some links with serious blogging tricks. You never know how I will present information to you, so be on your toes. I've got your back, so you can dare to be on your toes, eh?

Here's the first site I wish to share with you: Blog Collector

What a brilliant idea this is! Back up your blog and publish it! Such a divine idea, dontcha think?

Here's my second sharing: StumbleUpon

You will need to have Mozilla Firefox on your computer and Stumble Upon will be downloaded right underneath your Mozilla toolbar. Once your stumbling around, you will have the ability to give a thumbs up or thumbs down to all the sites that you stumble upon through the world wide weird. And if you happen to stumble upon me, your adorable teacher, give me the finger, ok? The one that goes UP!

And my final sharing of the day: this one comes to you from the dude at blogger-tricks

In his latest posting he writes about a 'favicon'. I warn you: this guy is super blogger crafty, smart and way more informed that me, your blondilicious teacher who is just a quark up from ya'll, remember? So you are going to have to be on your tippy toes with his tricks and tips. Once you understand what he's sharing, explain it to me in rea-a-a-lly simple terms, won't you?

One more thing before I buzz out of here. Please check in on my two newest blogs:

Maui Skies


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Give them some love and me too by adding us to your Favorites:

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or at the very least email us to ALL your friends!

Study up and remember to tip the teach! Tata! Cheerio!

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  • Blogger Teresa Carson posted at Thursday, July 27, 2006  
    Blog-Blond: Just wanted to let you know I've learned quite a bit from your blog. Thanks for taking on this project. Your comments seem to be aimed directly at me most of the time. As a newbie in the blog world, I've been able to apply your advice day after day and am now reaping many benefits from more strategic blogging. Keep up the fine work!
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