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Alrighty Class--did you learn a lot from our fabulous guest poster, Scott? I sure did! As lazy as I am, I'm really trying to force myself to add technorati tags at the end of my blogs. Scott added this bit about technorati tags in his tips, and it's an important one! I don't know why I have been so resistant to adding them when I know how powerful a tool it is. So here's what I have done, and maybe you can do the same thing. I made myself a technorati template which I have saved in a file. Whenever I need to add another technorati tag at the end of a blog, I pull out this template from its folder and insert the new, pertinent-to-the-post stuff in it. This saves me a bunch of time typing all those weird html codes which I have never really fallen in love with. I know it's necessary for our nerd street cred to have these technorati tags at the end, so I'm gonna do it from now on out and stop whining about it. Enuf of this topic...onwards to more intesting links, people and always---the fun, weird shit or gossip. That's why you come here, right? You don't just wanna learn--you wanna have a bit of fun I hope.

Wanna know what else I know about but either bin busy or too lazy to implement? Well...there are lots of things! For instance, Haloscan. Here's what I discovered at Freshblog who offers all sorts of really great advice for bloggers. For those of us who use Blogger, "Haloscan is the ONLY way I'm currently aware of for a Blogspot user to receive trackbacks." Then he (or is it a she?) goes on to mention other stand-alone tools which scare me to death as well. Maybe not you, my brave students, but all these 'things' freak me out. I like everything automatically done for me--but then, that's the way I am... just a bit spoiled! Perhaps now that Google has bought out Blogger, changes will be made and trackback will be one of the improvements? Are ya listening Mr./Mrs./Ms Google? Since sending trackbacks is good, we want them (and more!) without a lot of effort. C'mon--give it to us so we don't have to become total full-blown geeks. We don't mind being mini-geeks, but we gotta have a life out of nerd-dom.

I also printed out another article to study by Le Grand Geek, Freshblog, who is so d***** smart and at least a zillion light years ahead of me, your blondalicious teacher. This article titled "3 ways to use for categories in blogger" was another document for me to study and underline. Of course, I haven't implemented his/her suggestions yet because I feel so out-of-my-depth. I'm sure I will eventually get beyond putting my toe-in-the-water-test and actually follow through. In any event, this posting was really good info, and here's just a tidbit to entice you to check out the Freshblog blog. "...because Technorati tags don't have to link to technorati. They can link to and technorati will find them them because of the rel:tag attribute. One set of tags is therefore capable of doing two things!! One more step: Each method still requires that you bookmark your post to, but there are one-click ways to do that too..."

Don't even ask me to try and explain the lo-tech and high-tech ways that are suggested. My brain is fried just contemplating these options. I'm recovering from a computer melt-down this week, and I had two housecalls: one from an incredible computer tech (kisses, kisses to him!) and one from our local phone company which also powers our computer connection. Everything is back up and running again, but it's been an over-the-top week for me dealing with computer headaches and hiccups!

My fabulicious new computer repair tech dude shared some interesting things with me which I'll pass on to you as juicy gossip. Did ya know the two things which have pushed the powers of computer companies to up their bandwidth? You might know, but this was news to me. Yup, games and pornography. He said it's the "Revenge of the Nerds" pushing computer developments. Hmmmm....

This is all for today. Oh, one mo' thing: check out BlogU...this gal's got it going on. She is another one I admire and am learning from....amongst many. She made a big move to her own domain, and even She of the Brilliant Brain sounded a little nervous in her last post. Somehow that made me feel bettah.

That's all for now. Class dismissed.

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  • Blogger Sharon Pickering posted at Saturday, August 19, 2006  
    Hello, it is me , the fearless one! Thought I'd chime in and tell you what I use for tagging with Technorati. First, you must use Firefox. Then get yourself a monkey...greasemonkey. Then I downloaded a little script called "Technorati Multiple Word Tags for Blogger version 1.0 beta".After that, it is a breeze. Plug in your frequently used tags under the FU option. Sorry I can't be more specific, but I'm not at my computer. (hmmmm...maybe I should do a post on it!) It will automatically put the tags in that you choose, and they html coding will be done without your sweating it. No fuss, no muss.
  • Blogger Mike Hitchen posted at Sunday, August 20, 2006  
    I like your blog - and as for the graphic, all I can think of to say is - "Bloody Norah!" :)
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