Monday, August 07, 2006

Golden Apples of Blogdom

Class called to order! You have missed me--I know it! As usual I have been the busy student of blogging so that I can offer you the most interesting, the best, the scandals, and the latest information about the blogosphere. I hope you're rested and ready to suck down all the latest tips, links and crazy s*** I offer you today. So Listen Up!

Before I begin, I want you to pay notice to the three new items I have added to my sidebar. Perchance you might wish to be a part of these three yourselves? First, a fellow geekster sistah asked me to join the Powder Puff Geeks, and I was only too happy to oblige her. Her blogroll is at the bottom. Also, I happened to chance upon a Blogring that is perfect for me too: the Bloggin' Blondes. Who knew there would be such dual good fits in less than a week? Goddess is Good! So if either of these two opportunities fits you 2, I offer them up.

Check out Zoomclouds also...isn't is awesome?

By now I imagine all of you are hip to Mozilla Firefox for all it's improvements over IE and have installed it for free, right? Here are some extensions I downloaded this week that are fabulous, and you will thank me many times over in the tip jar, right? Just kiddin Errr....almost!

The first FREE extension is CoComment

What you will see after you download it is a 'CO' on the toolbar, both top and bottom. What this allows you to do is keep track of all the comments you make, and then people make back to you, and then they make to others who then make a link back to your comment. Whew! These comment links can make you nutty, and this is a wonderful way to keep organized with the ongoing comment chain. If you download it, you will see this one woman who is the Comment Queen. She must never work or have a life, as it appears all she does is comment and then reply to comments to her. It's kinda spooky if you ask me. But hey, zero judgment here from me!

The second FREE extension is Rollyo

If you have ever wanted to have your own personalized search engine plot, well here it is! According to the developers of this fabulous gift to us, Rollyo is the "fast, easy way to create personal search engines using only the sources you trust." Thus, you can create your own...get it: roll y(our) o(wn). How very clever the name, eh? They even have a list of the High Rollers with famous people like Ariana Huffington, Brian Greene and Debra Messing using Rollyo, not to mention all the top bloggers which now includes you and me!

The third FREE extension is Newsvine

Newsvine is easy to install, and it will show up on your toolbar too. Here's how it works after you have signed up. Say you're surfing around the net, and you read a great story that you feel deserves attention. You just click on the "Seed Newsvine" thing-y on your toolbar, and send it out into cyberspace, mail it your friends (or enemies), and you are like the Johnny Appleseed of cyberspace. I used it yesterday when I read an online article in my FREE New York Times of the day which I felt should be widely read by others.

Now for the even more FUN STUFF!


On this site you will take tests to discover your Weblogger Personality. The site uses sources such as the Myers-Briggs, Keirsey Temparement Sorter, the iVillage version of Personality Test and so many more my fingers will get exhausted hitting the keyboard. Bloginality is an amazing resource if you like to discover more about yourself, and really-- who doesn't? If any of you can pick my Myer-Briggs bloginality type, I offer you a prize. No, I'm not telling you what! Do you think I play by the rules? Hint: I watch Big Brother All-Stars on tv, and they have showed me how to lie for greater success. So don't trust me. Or should I say--trust me!?

Later my beloved students! Coming soon we may have the very great honor of reading a famous blogger who has consented to guest post for me. So stay tuned! I don't know what he's gonna write about yet, but I assure you, he'll teach you a whole helluva lot and make you smile too!

Do I have to tell you again? Zee Tip Jar babies!

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  • Blogger Sharon Pickering posted at Monday, August 07, 2006  
    This is too cool! I just installed CoComment. It is exactly what I've been looking for!

    Thanks for the tips.
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