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I Present to You Our Illustrious Guest Blogger Scott

As I promised in my last posting when I wrote about a future guest with credentials, I am delivering today on this promise, and it is my great honor to present the blogging know-how and wisdom of Scott from the well known blog titled Perspectives of a Nomad. Scott is one of the BIG Dawg's, so it's only appropriate that his online radio show is titled Big Dawg Radio which you can tune into on Friday nights from 9 PM to 1AM EST. He offers prizes of mega Blog Explosion credits which I've never been lucky enough to win.....yet! There's always hope, yeh? Should his popular radio show not fit into your schedule, you can often find him battling on the Battle of the Blogs on Blog Explosion or the BE Shout Box if you wanna holler at him. Show him some love and leave a comment on his blog because he's worth it. Walk with Scott and learn from his experience how the Big Dawgs do it. Without further ado, I present to you.... Scott. Listen Up!


So let me start by thanking Blog-Blond for asking me to write a guest post. As you already know, since you’re here, the Blog-Blond is a great blogging resource, and one that I’ve really come to love. I must say, it’s pretty cool that she asked me to write something, and I’m humbled to be writing here. The odds are you’ll learn more by skipping my post and reading any of Kuanyin’s, but I’ll try to impart what I’ve learned from my time blogging.

Top 10 Tips To Blogging Nirvana

I started blogging in late December, and since that time I’ve written over 400 posts, had over 60,000 viewers of my blog, had over 3,000 comments left on my blog, and won nearly 700 Battle of the Blogs. Not bad for 8 months, huh? But above and beyond all those accomplishments is a simple one: I’ve had a great time creating it! Believe me, it shows through.

From there, I have a few things that have helped me to increase the number of people who view my blog, and the quality of those people, from the amount of time they spend reading to my blog to the number of comments they leave. Give these a try, and I hope they help you. In David Letterman Fashion, my top 10 list:

10. Use Technorati Tags – Tag your posts so that search engines can easily find what you’ve written and link to your posts based on specific search criteria. You would be shocked at the increase in readers, and the increase in time that readers spent on my site, when I started tagging my posts.

9. Write on things you know about – There are hundreds of people out there writing. If you write on something you know very little about, a reader will look for a more informed source. When you talk about something you know, people interested in that topic will look for your insights.

8. Write on current issues – If you write about issues that were important to people, 2 years ago, even 2 months ago, they may not really care a whole bunch. Write on something current, and you have a better shot at catching someone’s interest.

7. Balance out the posts in your blog – It’s great to write serious posts on serious topics, but do it all the time, and no one has any fun on your blog. Mix it up! Include some fun stuff, games, memes, and even a contest or two. It helps!

6. Link to fellow bloggers – Every blog should have a blog-roll, or list of bloggers they like to read. Be generous! List people who have interesting blogs, and they will list you and even read your blog! Blog-rolling is like your currency, your way of promoting their site, and it costs you nothing, so use it liberally.

5. Be interactive – Anything that involves your readers is good. If you’re writing about your favorite concert, ask their favorite concert. If you’re talking about how to sew a quilt, ask how they did it. Not only will this encourage people to comment, but it will encourage people to come back and read other peoples comments.

4. Write Every Day – If someone comes to your site daily and finds the same post each day, they’re less likely to come back. Even if it’s a 5 sentence post, take time to write something, because they’re taking the time to visit your blog. Nothing is more annoying than coming to a blog you like and finding the same post, day after day after day.

3. Comment on other people’s sites – If someone writes a good comment on my site, I always click the link to see their site, and normally take a few minutes to check out what they’re writing. Plus, think of how you feel when you get comments.

2. Respond to comments – When someone comments on a post, try to write back to them. I know, there’s not always enough hours in the day, but think of how you feel when you go back to a blog you commented on and they wrote back to you.

And the #1 way to attract more and better readers for your blog:

1. Make your template original – If people don’t like your template, they probably will never see your post. So don’t use the stock blogger template; create your own template that reflects your personality. And if you don’t have the ability, talk to Luna, and she’ll make you an awesome template that will wow readers.

Anyway, those are my top 10 tips for increasing both the quality and quantity of your blog traffic. I hope people enjoy it, and that it helps bring more traffic in. And hey, I could use some traffic as well, so feel free to see how it all comes together over at Perspectives of a Nomad! Thanks for letting me post, Kuanyin, and for reading my piece!


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