Friday, August 25, 2006

Short & Sweet

Class...oh's me, your absentee teacher! I'm back to throw some goodies your way before the weekend. What's that you say? Yes, it's true. There is NO such thing for me as a weekend, for all the days blur into another. When you are working/playing as hard as I do, it's a challenge to keep your days straight.

This week I met with my therapist to discuss Blog-Blond because BB has multiple personalities! I wished to explore this with my therapist and determine what to do about it. Should the focus be on only one aspect of Blog-Blond? Or should I let her strut her multiple styles and allow her multiple personalities to express? Should I refrain from wisecracks, satire and silliness? Should I offer more blogging tips? Should Blog-Blond express her sexy side and wear short shorts as the Glam Network says is THE trend of summer. Here's what they write in their trend watch section, "This year, skip the skirt and throw on some shorts--the shorter the better." Believing they MUST know whassup, I threw on some short shorts for ya'll just for this posting. Not bad, eh? Eat yer heart out France!

BB: (Long sigh) I don't know how to integrate my multiple personalites.

Therapist: The best plan is to take a vacation from your blog---distance will add some perspective.

BB: I do that all the time. (feeling guilty)

Therapist: Then break it down like this: one part humor, one part sharing blogging tips, one part silliness, one part sexual innuendo, one part name dropping, one part fantasy. Give each part of yourself a turn. And leave that part off at the end about tipping, or I'll bitch slap you at our next session.

BB: Errr....where's the love for all the moolah I pay you? I'm outta here.

My therapist made her point. So this is the part where I share information and actual blogging tips with you if you've hung in there this far with me.

b5Media put out the call for bloggers and will pay you for your talent. Apparently they have been swamped with applications, but maybe they haven't decided on some openings yet.

Find your blog score here at socialmeter.

This is the last weekend where Blog Advance is upping the surf ratio to 1:5:1. That means you get more bang for your surf.

Aloha...see ya whenever!

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  • Blogger Gattina posted at Friday, August 25, 2006  
    Very nice shorts, if you have the legs going along with ! And don't talk about summer while I am sitting here in the cold and rain. Would love to wear those shorts but freeze already when I look at them !
  • Blogger Jen posted at Sunday, August 27, 2006  
    surfed by via blogmad
  • Blogger posted at Tuesday, September 05, 2006  
    I know you want to hear it - Nice Ass!

    And I mean that in the nicest possible way.
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