Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sweeter and Even Shorter

Class, I humbly accept this beautiful trophy you have awarded me!How very kind to vote for your blondalicious teacher!I am honored! Who would have thunk it when I started this small little blog about tips for blogging dummies that I would be standing here today receiving this amazing, gleaming beauty in such illustrious company. Where will I put it in my home? Probably on the shelf next to the surfboard...the one with the teddybears and books by esteemed blogging professionals. I think it will look perfect there. I'll be sure and post a photo so you can see for yourselves. Once again-- thank you for voting for me for the best new blogging teacher/tipster. Oh, while I'm up here in the spotlight, I should add one more tip. I know I'm not the first person to say this, or will I be the last, but here goes one mo' time: Don't believe everything you read, and less than half of what you hear.

Without further ado, I offer you the latest news & links:

Stat Counter has announced that "we've added a feature that lets you view your recent visitors on a Google Map. Click on a marker, and you will be given all that user's details." Personally, I'm really happy to hear this news so I can (possibly or probably or maybe more than likely) delegate a staff member to relay a message to the staff of the goons of Uncle Vinnie. They will then make (maybe) make a house-call to those that make creepy comments. Now I don't know exactly where you live. Or do I? However, alphabet agencies and Uncle Vinnie sure does. Piece of cake! I never see the comments anyway because my staff takes care of this menial task, but every now and then I am given the signal of a raised eyebrow and mudras which I know how to interpret since I spent so much time in Sicily and India. With this new statcounter spy, I have requested the staff to pass on the pertinent data to Uncle Vinnie's staff. You know the Sopranoes didn't get on tv for no reason, right? You know how that goes. Then someone passes some highly classified data onto someone else. Delegating is the name of the game. Sigh! Gosh, paranoia is weird.

I've been playing around with different groups trying to determine the perfect place for this Goldilocks. Which one do you think I most fit into? So far, here's my early observations about the popular help-you-bring-traffic-to-your-blog-groups:

1. Blog Explosion: very cliquish but with different cliques; the Shout Box is sailor-mouthed. If you get yer ya-ya's that way, you'll be welcomed into the inner circle no doubt.
2. Blog Advance: needs to get their act together and site re-designed
3. Blog A Zoo: damned it's hard to find those little blogazoos!
4. Blog Soldiers: conservative, older crowd with some famous, established bloggers
5. Blog Mad: young twenties-thirties crowd for the most part...currently in beta

That's it my darlings! See ya hopefully before Uncle Vinnie's gang does. Just kidding! Seriously! Remember, you can't believe most of what you read!

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    Naughty girl ! (lol)
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