Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Which Blog-reality Have We Stepped Into?

Class--remember when I told you yesterday, "Don't believe everything you read and hear" or something like that. Well, I could hardly believe it-- but in the Kyra Phillips case, it seems that indeed we may well be hearing something true for a change. Go figure!

Unless the video which is making the rounds is faked, this giggle-fest currently playing worldwide is very real. Or are we all being punked? Ashton, Ashton...o where art thou? You must be hiding somewhere & playing us, right? Can we believe what we are hearing?

If what we hear is to be believed, this is what happened yesterday to our very own President (you know, the Bush dude) when he was making a speech in New Orleans. While Bush was doing his thing, CNN broadcaster Kyra Phillips went to the loo (that's the ladie's room for ya dummies) and gossiped with another lady unaware her wireless microphone was on and LIVE! So if you watch the video, you hear her badmouthing her "controlling" sister-in-law and even zipping her britches overlaid ON TOP of the Bush speech. When I watched this, Bush seemed oblivious to this commentary, and this made me curious. I mean...could he hear Kyra talking on top of him? Or was it just us? Just when you think life can not possibly get any more surreal, it does. The Gods Are Mocking Us! We're their favorite Looney Tunes!

Thus, I take it back--what I posted yesterday. Maybe sometimes you can believe everything you read and hear....scary as that thought is. I assure you-- you won't have a problem with reality at Blog-Blond for here everything is normally (most probably) a bit skewed. You can bank on it!

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  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Thursday, August 31, 2006  
    I just got finished writing a post about the Kyra Philips potty adventure on MY blog.
    Bloggers around the world are all blogging about it right now...

    It's a conspiracy!
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Friday, September 01, 2006  
    You're the funniest, wittiest blogger. Reading your posts always makes my day. Keep up the good work!
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Friday, September 01, 2006  
    I heard about this on talk radio, wow I can;t believe that happened? what I be curios on other blog hilites on this very embarrasing and shocking random occurrance.
  • Blogger Gattina posted at Saturday, September 02, 2006  
    He, He, I red that yesterday in a french newspaper even more colorful and wanted to write about it ! You were quicker ! But isn't that funny it's about time that old Bush retires on his Texas ranch and helds his speaches to cows !
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