Thursday, September 28, 2006

Blogging For Bucks Gold Rush

Yoohooo Class: Your favorite teacher is back to spank some butt! I hope you are thrilled to see me as I'm sure you've been very, very naughty. I'll take care of that spanking in due time! Anyway, I've been naughty too, but no that wasn't me that was mistakenly id'd on the back of George Clooney's motorbike in Lake Como. Sure, she looked like me, but it was some other babe. I was doing my naughties right in America which is easy to do! I was out and about adventuring with other celebs and non-celebs. Frankly, celebs can be major thrills in the a**** if you know what I mean. Double Wink!

While passing through an airport in Chicago, I spied a magazine that I've never seen before with the headline on the cover reading "Blogging For Dollars", and so naturally I had to buy the magazine to read this article as this subject is very dear to my heart and Vuitton wallet. The September issue of Business 2.0 is what you want to look for to read the article. No, I'm not going to chase all over the internet to plop it in your lap. You'll have to figure out how to find the information yourself. I do hope you haven't become horribly lazy while I was away.

The subtitle is equally exciting to me. It reads: "It's not just a hobby--some small sites are making big money. Here's how to turn your passion into an online empire." I don't know why they plopped Drew Curtis (the founder of Fark) on a weathered fence with measely bills floating around him. I could have done a much better job to entice others to blog for money, and probably most of you naughty ones could have too. Drew ( posed with a laptop and sturdy shoes) doesn't look all that happy either, even though he's raking in the BIG MAMA blogging dollars. Oh well! Small quibble! The article inside is the meat of this posting, so I'll get over my snarkiness and proceed.

Let's talk about Fark for a momento. His blog is "generating $600,000 a month". He's got a kid with him on the inside photo, and that's probably just plain old ice tea in his tall glass. My guess: he's making some lady and family very happy because he's raking in all the dough plus he's probably around the house a lot to fix things (a good ol' honey-do man that's available!) which is always a winning combination in men that stay home to work. Let's hope he is also good at other things too. Triple wink.

Another dude written about in this magazine article could be you in a parallel world. Arrington "stumbled into the blog business. He was tossing back drinks at a bachelor party in Belgrade in 2005 when another Silicon Valley entrepreneur called with an idea for a start-up based on the new technologies that have come to be lumped together as Web 2.0." Doesn't that sound a little like you? I'm talking abou the part about tossing back drinks at a bachelor party in Belgrade? Oh well, he did it, and you didn't. That's the trouble with parallel worlds. So now Arrington is the Tech-Crunch guru with his site getting checked out by others multiple times a day. Everybody wants in on his game: Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Intel. Hey, what does he look like? Does anyone know? They didn't show any photos of him. Is he kinda cute in a nerdy way? Maybe I should be introduced to him. Whaddya think?

Read the very important piece in the middle titled, "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers." If you follow these 7 rules, you/me/us could be on the next cover.....maybe! However, if they put me on their cover, I will be a control freak and demand a sexy cover with complete control of the design. Those bucks floating around me will all be Benjamins or higher!

Enough of my silliness. I prefer spanking. Now pull down those sexy britches! Aren't you happy I'm back UP and running Hot???

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