Monday, October 02, 2006

Byzantine: An Interview with Blog-Blond

Join the uber-geek Blog-Blond for this exclusive 4-part interview (recently published in Blogwylde), covering BB's personal approach to blogging, the importance of levity, her next book and other upcoming projects, and more more.

When I first discovered your blog, it struck me as an elaborate caper which blurred the line between fiction and reality. As I kept reading your blog, I realized there was much more in your postings than readily met the eye.

BB: You can blame it all on superquarks.


BB: You heard me right! Superquarks in relationship with aerodyamics.

Please expound upon this for me. I know you're deep, but I don't follow.

BB: Assuming a normal Einsteinian universe, superquarks, aerodynamics, and blogging equate to a levitated populace.

This is a bit too byzantine for me. Let's back up.

Where does your juice for blogging derive?

BB: Gonzalez! You know, the Ohio State University stud that sleeps in the hyperbaric chamber!

Let's approach this interview in a different way. There's a passage in your book where you suggest that the shadowy group running the internet were the hyperdimensionals. You write, "Exploring websites, usenets, and most obviously blogs, we can see very clearly that there is more at play with blogging than childish narcissism. You can see the handiwork of hyperdimensional writers tailoring THEIR storytelling to the diminished mental capacties of most of humankind." Can you go into this more with us?

BB: This other order of beings--the hyperdimensionals--influence us in a myriad of ways, both good and bad. It is up to us to make a choice. There are experiences that go beoynd the limits of thought, and one day, I downloaded the entirety of the vast thoughtforms that are influencing us. At that moment, I comprehended the absurdity of life and realized that levity was/is the answer. We all need to lighten up! Thus began Blog-Blond. This blog is rather like the LOST of television. We've gotten everything turned upside down and backwards. For instance, money doesn't bring happiness. Happiness brings money. Blog-Blond thumbs its nose at the orthodox and makes fun of it to emphasize the backwards, up-side-downness of our skewed viewpoints.

You work shows a deep reverence for established bloggers while at the same time satirizing them.

Exactly! I honor the contribution of the Blog Teachers, the Great Ones, and yet I realize that we can't take blogging too SIRIUS-ly for there are baby bloggers entering the blogosphere from Artcurus, Nibiru, the Pleiades and other even more remote systems.

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  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Wednesday, October 04, 2006  
    You kick ass with your posts! I'm glad you're back so I can get a good laugh.
    Keep up the funny posts!
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