Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Part Four Interview with Blog-Blond

This is the final part of the four-part interview with Blog-Blond published on Blogwylde.

I read your parody of AA on your blog, but you didn't finish it. It was quite funny. Are you planning to add more posts?

BB: Absolutely! I've had so much on my plate this year flying around with Paris, Nicole and Lindsay that I often become distracted. This parody may be added to the book. You know how editors love to use their little red pens, so we'll see!

In this age of networked everything, what do you foresee for bloggers?

BB: Mo-blogging, texting, fluid identities, overlapping illusional, surreal worlds, spectacular graphics, and technology will keep bloggers busy trying to keep up, sane and somewhat balanced. The circus is barely getting started as creativity is blooming on the net. Check out this Search Engine. Play with her for awhile as I did--a woman after my own heart. Watch her work that crop! See what I mean? A talking, sexy search engine!! What's next? Hold on to yer knickers because it's gonna be a blast for bloggers.

There has been some talk you are working on a screenplay. Care to comment?

BB: Many friends would like to have a part in the film...a bit of pressure! This may be a situation I can't blog my way out of. Oy vey!

One last question: Do you believe anyone buys this spoof?

BB: It's unimportant whether others buy it or not. This is an exercise in art creating life. You do know that's how it works, right?!

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  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Wednesday, October 18, 2006  
    I wish you would post more are so entertaining! Great links too!
  • Blogger posted at Thursday, October 19, 2006  
    Yeah...come it girl!
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