Monday, October 09, 2006

Part Two Interview with Blog-Blond

This is the second part of a series done for the popular magazine Blogwylde.

I would prefer we skip the technicalities and the advanced physics and go straight to the rumors about you. For instance, is it true that at one time "The Woz" and you were a hot item and that you had a tempestuous relationship?

BB: Absolutely untrue! As far as I know, Stevie's a family man. I've never even laid eyes on the guy much less anything else. However, he's my kind of guy in the sense that he's a genius, inventive, spiritual, eccentric, playful and goofy in a charming way. Plus who wouldn't want to do it with a guy who has a street called "The Woz Way" named after them? I mean, how hot is that?!

And what about the rumor that you have many alias's in the blog world?

BB: Once again, absolutely untrue. Most of my blogs are with Blogger, and despite my overblown blog-deification because of my suddenly showing up on the blog scene in full hottie gear, I am having trouble keeping UP with the blogs I put my name stamp on. I am a prolific proseltizer for blogs and have been known to speak out about the blogification of the world to the blog-reluctant, and perhaps my emails and impassioned speeches to publicists, lobbyists and the high and mighty were the breeding ground for such a silly rumor.

Is it true that when you blog that you wear fetish gear? It's also been reported you have a superstition you must blog in certain fashion designers apparel when you make a post such as a reported Dolce & Gabbana mini-dress and David Yurman jewelry.

BB: I'm crazy about the designers you mentioned and sure, I wear their clothes. They're sexy! I also love Roberto Cavalli and Fendi to name a few more. However, I'm like every other slob blogger in that I blog in comfortable clothes, although without a doubt mine are likely skimpier. It helps to post a va-va-voom blog when one is feeling va-va-voomy, right?

Who are your blog mentors? Anyone you care to mention?

BB: There are so many. Where would I begin? Lately I've been studying the work of the Blog Squad. Patsi and Denise sure know their biz!


Part Three of Part Four will follow. Don't forget to check out Blog-Blond's media center here.

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  • Blogger posted at Tuesday, October 10, 2006  
    Wow...the things I'll imagine when I read your blogs from now on!
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