Monday, October 30, 2006

Revolt of The Spiders

Class called to order! Listen Up! I want to speak about serious matters today. Here's what I think is happening over at Technorati: the spiders have revolted and aren't doing their jobs anymore. I have informed Technorati that they haven't updated certain of my blogs, but NO REPLY. I think it's because the folks at Technorati don't know what to do about their revolting spiders. Perhaps the spiders got ahold of some drugs. It's entirely possible. Look at the webs at Cannabis.

As you can see, these webs are pretty messy, not at all like normal high-designer symmetrical webs most spiders weave who haven't been fed drugs. Why would some 'freak' feed spiders drugs is beyond me, but as you know, scientists are sometimes way freaky! Check out the Einstein email on my Blog Blond Media Center!

In any event, perhaps one of these aberrant scientists slipped drugs to the spiders at Technorati because Technorati isn't showing my different blogs updated --even though I update most of them every day....especially my blog Wailea Daily Photo which is (duh!) a daily blog!If you go to Technorati and type in my blog address, you will see for yourself, what a mess those Technorati spiders are making. You will see that it shows that this blog hasn't been updated in 74 days! And recently the drugged-out spiders stopped counting and updating my other blog Who's Yo Mama as well, and the stats at Technorati show that this blog hasn't been updated in five days! This is ridiculous since I updated it again yesterday as I do every day!

My conclusion: the spiders of Technorati either have been drugged or have decided not to work for the low pay scale they were being paid. Or possibly they don't like the new owners or they're overworked, understaffed and have gone on strike. I dunno for sure what the reason is, but I feel sorry for those poor spiders!

Here's what to do in case you have had the same challenge as your Blondalicious Teacher: try these two remedies.

First, ping Pingoat which is a free RELIABLE service that notifies everybody in the galaxy when you have updated your blog. They're free and fabulous! Their spiders aren't on drugs, understaffed, p.o.'d, or having an Alzheimer's episode. If you notice (after you have checked ALL the boxes and Pingoat is finished pinging), you will see that most likely, it will show that Technorati's connection failed. Out of my eight or so plus blogs, some blogs show Technorati with the word "done" and most show Technorati "failed".

Second, use the Social Meter to determine where your blog really is vis a vis links. Faster than the speed of light (well, almost!), Social Meter will give you a neat and tidy print-out of ALL your links, not just Technorati links. These links include: Bloglines, Delicious, your Digg score, Google, Rojo, Shadows, Technorati, and Yahoo.

Last, but hardly least, an ANNOUNCEMENT: La Luna is working on a re-design of this gorgeous blog and spiffing her up even more! So keep on coming back ya'll to check out the new, cleaner version of Blog-Blond soon. La Luna's gonna roll up some links and do all sorts of necessary re-design! I even asked her to check-out those Technorati spiders. Perhaps she can help them get straight again?! She will succeed, and that is why I have dubbed her the La Luna because she is very, very good at what she does! Her site is: Lunastemplates

Don't forget to check out my recent fan mail at the Blog-Blond Media Center. Just click on the link for it right under the scantily clad Blond Header.

Ta ta my dahlings!

I'm gonna add the Technorati tags here just for the helluva it! We'll see. Miracles happen.

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