Sunday, October 22, 2006

Stik Stuck It To Me

Class: we're back in business. Yes, I know it's a Sunday, but you're lucky to find me posting because there are many days when I'm just too busy. Today I wanted to share with you a Big Event: Blog-Blond Lost Her Blog-virginity...and on purpose! (Seductive, sneaky Smile!) Want the details? Sure you do!

THE Blog-Blond selected her favorite cartoonist known as The Stik to be the first one she battled in a Battle of the Blogs on Blog Explosion...knowing full-well that Stik would win. I figured if I was going to loose my blog-viriginity, I might as well do it with the famous, right? Another reason-- where else could I get a post header such as the one above: Stik Stuck It To Me? Third reason: it only cost me 58 credits! Where else could I buy that kind of publicity and shameless self-promotion?

Some bloggers on Blog Explosion Battle of the Blogs pride themselves on being the Biggest Loser like Chris Hamburger for example. He rants about losing, but I sense that's a feeble rant. He's carved himself a niche which works for his promotion. Yes, sometimes we have to make others feel sorry for us or gloat that we're losers to win favor. The human species is a strange species, for they root for the underdog or for their buddies in their respective cliques, BUT the moment the underdog CLAIMS popularity, success or reknown, the same people that rooted for the underdogs want to pull them down. Envy is an ages-old phenomena, and so much so that you can easily predict which couple is going to break up. Were we originally hard-wired in our genes to be envious, or did we become this way?

In any event, I feel complelled to make you envious because I have to go to lunch with my fabulous, fun, rich friends. Just kidding! I wanted to hear that gasp of envy from all over the world one mo' time for the h** of it. Seriously, I will be licking my wounds all alone from loosing my battle with Stik. Now doesn't that feel bettah for you? You like me again, right? If not, then pull those britches down right now!

Note the new links on my sidebar towards the BOTTOM. These geeks are the REAL THING. So real they might not even know who the Great Stik is!


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  • Blogger posted at Sunday, October 22, 2006  
    Well, I voted for you, but all in all, I had a pretty good day. I think I'm in the top 20 this month!

    But alas, I feel like a cheap whore! I'll post something on that later.
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Sunday, October 22, 2006  
    Never heard of stik myself...but then I don't do the BE thing either.
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