Friday, October 27, 2006

You Can Take This To The Bank

Class called to order! Now Listen Up! I have news that you want to pay close attention to. It has been reported in the New York Times (read the story here)that "one of Hollywood's top five talent agencies have created an online unit devoted to scouting out up-and-coming creators of Internet content--particulary video--and finding work for them in Web-based advertising and entertainment, as well as in the older media."

United Talent Agency isn't just looking for video talent...they're looking for blogging talent, and that could be you! Yes, you with the Doritos bag in one hand and a beer in the other reading my post. Have you been posting anything of merit on your blogs? Or have you been half-a***** it & whining again in your posts? If so, then it's time to get your a** in gear, for the opportunity may soon present itself to you to get a paying gig. The article quotes John Moshay, head of business development for Whittman Hart, an interactive advertising agency, "...we're at a tipping point: the marketplace is just beginning to ramp up its demand for true talent like this."

As for me--I'm going to purchase my own PaPeRo as soon as they come on the market and teach it to blog for me. What, you don't know of what I speak?! Read about it here, but if you're too lazy/stoned/sleepy to click the link provided, I'll tell you about this amazing solution to many of our life issues: shortage of time and energy.

Japanese engineers invented a humanoid robot called PaPeRo--short for Partner-type Personal Robot--to do just about everything imaginable for you: check your email, dance with your children, massage your feet, call and break up with your boyfriend/ girlfriend because you're just not that into them anymore since the PaPeRo entered your life, put the toilet seat down, track your children, scare the sh** out of your burglars, dial obscene phone calls, feed your cat, tune your tv, and other things we can't write about here because no matter what anyone thinks, this is NOT an Adult Site! It may look like an adult site because of the header, but that's as far as the adult part goes. Sure, I may insinuate, lie a little, embellish a lot, but I don't go into Adult Territory. I'm your teacher with a crackling whip to snap you into good blogger form, and I mean business. With that clear, does anyone want to be my temporary PaPeRo until I get my new toy? I have posts for you to write to impress the Hollywood sharks....err, agents.

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    I'm holding out for virtual sex myself - with surround everything!
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