Thursday, November 09, 2006

Is Zune Coming Too Soon?

Class called to order! I realize that much of what I post here is over the heads of many of you, but I want you to stretch and reach for the stars. This is the best way to learn...and I try to teach you with humor to make it fun for you.

In any event, there is a rumor going around which applies to my Headline Of The Day. You can read about it here on Engadget.

Now I love juicy gossip and rumors as much as the next person, but I am disheartened to read about this possible premature ejaculation. As we we all know, when this P.E. happens, it's usually rather a sad thing. So hopefully, Zune Won't Come Too Soon!

Here's another great link for you from the handsome Italian Robin Good (or is it really Luigi?). His site offers really great information. I ordered something from him this week which has been very helpful.


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