Monday, November 06, 2006

Quiz Tyme

Class, I suddenly had a harsh realization today: I haven't given you a test in a long, long time. So put on your thinking beanies and get to work answering these questions. If you've been keeping up with the blogosphere, you should have no problem getting an A from me. If not, you know what comes next! Thwack-thwack!

Is Dave Taylor
a. the twin brother of James Taylor
b. a famous blogger
c. someone you met in a bar once a long time ago
d. all of the above
e. none of the above

Anna Nicole Smith
a. blogs under the pseudonym of Poopsie
b. doesn't blog, but forces Howard to blog for her
c. doesn't know what a blog is
d. could care less what a blog is
e. all of the above
f. none of the above

Which famous blogger's comeback are you most excited about?
a. Mr. T
b. Marilyn Manson
c. Roseanne Barr
d. they have blogs?
e. all of the above
f. none of the above

Which blog turns you on the most?
a. Blog-Blond
b. Plumbutt Chronicles
c. Fetish-Test
d. Dispatches from the Wyrd
e. None of the Above
f. All of the above

Blog-Blond looks better with
a. more blog-togs on
b. less blog-togs on

Would you rather read a blog by
a. Paris Hilton
b. Mel Gibson
c. P. Diddy
d. Woody Allen

Send me your answers, and I'll promptly grade them and turn them over to the authorities so that they will know even more about you than they already know which is a lot and way more than they'll ever need to know in this lifetime.

Class Dismissed! Check out the new Pay Pal tip jar! Pennies...schmennies! Oh well!

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