Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Shopping For New Blogwear

Class called to order! As you can see, the Blog-Blond Blog has a FABULOUS new look, thanks to the artistry of La Luna of Luna's Templates! She gave me what I wanted and more: three columns instead of two! She rolled up those straggly links and organized everything! Now that I've got this spiffed-up blog, I've been thinking I need NEW blog attire to wear while I'm blogging. You know how it goes--one thing leads to another!

So I've been doing a little online shopping at places like Bluefly, Intrends, Fashion Chateau, eBay and Amazon amongst others. Oy vey! Online shopping is so awesome I could spend all day shopping!

However, I often become disoriented and confused because I can't remember where I saw what! Lucky for me/us, Mozilla Firefox has this nifty new tool you can download for free and add to your toolbar called StyleFeeder. If you like something, you just add it to your (already downloaded) Stylefeeder. It's "like a giant wish list for the whole internet". And you know what's cool? You can see who wants the same thing as you do! V-e-r-y interesting! I noticed some dude wanted the same computer I did. There were only two of us wanting this laptop which made me consider that StyleFeeder hasn't caught on fire like StumbleUpon has. If you want to take a break from your shopping addiction, play around with StumbleUpon for awhile. You will discover your very own Blondalicious Kuanyin in both these wondrous virtual worlds.

That's it for today! Your homework: EXPLORE! And when you return from your virtual journeys, leave me a comment if you find something I can't live without. Oh....if you find a white trenchcoat that is knee-length, be sure to let me know. I have a fantasy about whipping one of these coats open to reveal sexy black lingerie underneath.

P.S. The messed-up spiders seem to be back on the job again! Yahoooooo! In case any of you dimwits don't get it or know, "spiders" are what crawl the web gathering information.

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