Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Which Blog-reality Is This?

Class called to order! As most of you are hip that I play around with so-called REALITY on this blog and goof about reality, I was fascinated to discover a site which bills itself: "Your World. Your Imagination." The name of the site is Second Life. Read here to discover what this virtual world is all about. In this alternate universe, you create your own virtual avatar self, interact with other virtual selves, own land, make deals, party at a multitude of events, and do whatever your imagination can dream up. Those living in the Second Life even have their own currency exchange.

Now when our wives or boyfriends or s.o.'s complain about our blogging addiction, we can shrug off their complaints with a sassy come-back like, "Well, at least, I'm not spending all my time at my Second Life!" Between gaming, blogging, living a Second Life, email, reading other people's blogs not to mention writing our own, who has time to have a FIRST LIFE or even work anymore? I suggest we are in danger of becoming a real-life virtual reality. Oh right-- that's already been done: the Matrix. I forgot for a nano second.

Don't you wonder who
has time to read your blogs? I sure do! Who are the lurkers, the peeping TOM's, and/or the strangers which pass like ghosts through your posts everyday without leaving comments? I can only imagine whom might they be and what they are ass-uming by what is written? Do we really truly know the real 'being' who blogs---supposedly in dead seriousness and earnest-- which I might add is completely unlike your blondalicious teacher who blogs to confuse, enlighten and play? Are we finding ourselves caught in a well-laid trap to snare us with words meant to make us flame, trigger controversy, and call us forth from the shadowy world of lurker-dom? In the blogoverse, one never knows, for the blog-reality is slippery, wet, dark, and mysterious.

Since one of the reasons people blog is to have an exchange with others, I wonder why so many who read blogs refuse to come forth from the shadows. Come on out, you shy ones! I'm issuing you a formal invitation! You don't have to wait to meet my avatar in Second Life, you can meet me right here in the quasi-reality.

"Imagination is the highest kite one can fly." -- Lauren Bacall

Ta-ta my dahlings!

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  • Blogger posted at Wednesday, November 15, 2006  
    You didn't read my post about the "past being another country" did ya?

    They just don't understand.

    Good post.
  • Blogger Lynn posted at Wednesday, November 15, 2006  
    came via blog soldiers
    I have a few blogger friends who play this game.
    I have a hard time with it. I never liked the sims too much.
    Honestly I am also a bit afraid to end up completely animated......considering I am already a blogger geek....I figure I will lose my life all together if I get involved in fantasy game.
    Isn't blogging fantasy(?) enough?
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