Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Yet Another Test!

Class, I had so much FUN giving you yesterday's test, I decided to do it one mo' time! So pull out those powerful PENS and get down to business. I wanna see if you've got what it takes! You don't need to email me...it wouldn't kill ya to make a comment ya know!

David Sifry is the founder of:
a. eBay
b. Funk & Wagnalls
c. Technorati
d. Amazon

How many weblogs are created approximately each day:
a. 30,000
b. 100,000
c. 1,000,000
d. 1 trillion taking into account off-planet blogs

What is a splog:
a. a newly born blog
b. a blog imposter
c. a blog that fell flat on its face
d. a demonic blog
e. none of the above

How often should one post to create a successful blog:
a. every other day
b. every other hour
c. once a minute
d. none of the above

What is the most popular blog language:
a. English
b. Spanish
c. Chinese
d. Farsi
e. Kahaghastani

What is sping-fighting:
a. spider wars
b. splog battles
c. garbage collection
d. yesterday's news

Cliches such as "getting our duck's in a row":
a. make a blog more popular
b. discredit the blogger
c. show you know a golden-oldie cliche
d. are evident in most blogs

That's the test for today. You can cheat if you want to because I can't do anything about it, now can I? So go right ahead. Be my guest. Make my day.


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  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Tuesday, November 07, 2006  
    It's super to see you posting more. Your posts are hilarious! Keep em coming!
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