Friday, November 10, 2006

Zune Rhymes With Tune

Class, I received so much email from you regarding Zune yesterday. What's wrong with your fingers that you can't just leave comments, eh? Anyway, let me give ya some links to Zune since obviously you can't figure out how to do the research for yourself! Sigh! You are obviously stupid AND naughty! I guess that's why you LOVE your Blondalicious Teacher so much. I take it most of you never go to the Battle of the Blogs to vote for me because I lost another battle. So I'm done with the kiddies. I have more important things to do like download my new Zune and hang with Lindsay and Paris!

Most of you don't even know what Zune is. Here, I'll make it easy for ya, ok? Zune is the new digital mediaplayer with the release date of Nov. 14th by Microsoft as their answer to the iPod. I like some of their features like wireless sharing, a bigger screen and other things I can't remember right now.


Zune Arts
Zune Net
Generation Zune

And I'm absolutely not pimping for Microsoft! I simply love the hottest new toys and the latest gadgets, don't you? Comments rather than emails, ok?! Sheeesh!

Add me to your DEL.ICIO.US Network!!!!

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  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Friday, November 10, 2006  
    Your humor is twisted and oh so funny!Thanx for the linx.
  • Blogger Lex Luthor posted at Friday, November 10, 2006  
    Your creative, interesting, dangerous: all the qualities I like in a woman.
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Wednesday, November 15, 2006  
    I like toys and gadgets, blondes, crazy blondes!!
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