Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bin Gone, But Back Again to Market My Blog

Yoohoo Class, your absentee teacher is back and with a BIG Smile on her face! Did ya miss me? Of course, you did! The Blogging Blues had me so down in the dumps that I needed a trip back home to my native country where I am an internationalpseudostar. In my native country of Blondissigaya, I am hugely popular and have received the Entertainer of the Year award a record of ELEVEN times, no small feat considering that in my country everyone is a superstar and have their own television shows--something that will eventually catch on in America which is just a tad behind the times.

My latest production which was a combination of a skit, some song and dance (done by your very own Blondalicious Teacher of course), and news was an enormous success. I presented the Forbidden Blog-Blond Report, an expose on How To Cash In On Everything Through Blogging. Naturally, everyone took to these tips I shared in my report like ducks to water, and now everyone in Blondissigaya is blogging their fannies off. I've got myself some serious competition. I don't mind though, because everyone in my country loves to compete and crib from one another--and that's why we have no national debt, a country of superstars, and lots of money.

Even though I have been receiving adulation through my guru routine here in America, there is nothing like being home for the holy daze! I shopped, danced, shopped, sang, shopped, and gossiped about what goes on with blogging marketers--a subject which my homeland people found hilarious! Since we mock everyone there and have so much fun taking turns dissing others, it is challenging to find someone new to mock. We have already worked over mental health professionals, country singers, realtors, politicians, and every pompous professional, so we were running out of people to make fun of. Thank Goddess for Blogging Marketers because we were seriously running on empty.

I'll leave you with this lead before I head off to recuperate. Possibly it might be something you might want to participate in. Here's the link and poo-bah:

Be The Next Marketing Qi Idol. The Blog Squad is looking for their Ideal Internet Marketing Client!

Ta-ta dahlings!

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  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Tuesday, December 05, 2006  
    Oh My Blonde is back and I'm laughing! You should post more often cus you're the funniest!
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Monday, January 18, 2010  
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