Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tag Game of 6 Weird Things About Me

Ok Class: I was tagged by Tisha to play this game and list Six Weird Things About Me. I have struggled with this game, and here's why: I am so d****** weird naturally that I have pondered what others might find "weird" about me which I just take for granted as being normal for me. At first, I was planning to do a little 'show and tell', but then I couldn't rustle up my objects. They were nowhere to be found, even though I have scoured my home. I must tell you: I have a big home, so they're probably hiding in some drawer somewhere. Thus, I had to change my Six Weird Things About Me plan, and now I've got this grand idea: what if I were to simply re-arrange random bits of information about myself to make me seem 'weird' by other people's standards? Is this cheating? I don't know what the ethics of this game are, so since Blog-Blond's philosophy is that what is called so-called "reality" really isn't real anyway, who cares?! Do you follow the logic? So here goes (after this long-winded preface):

1. I play Fafarazzi with my native country women/men. However, since we're so celebrity-obsessed and since we all want to win, we all cheat, and that's why we make celebrities do unusual/abnormal things with our minds. Don't ask me how we do this. It's a trade secret.

2. I gave many pairs of vibrating panties from Booty Parlor as Christmas gifts this year. Anonymously.

3. I send my friends their boobie names in emails using the Boobie Name Generator.

4. Nipper Fluffy Paws isn't my real name. Neither is Blog-Blond, but Blog-Blond does have a twin sister who is as nice as Blog-Blond is naughty.

5. I ordered blog business cards from Gaping Void that shock people. I can't imagine why? Are people so easily shockable? I guess so!

6. One of my photos was selected for a yearly calendar. I didn't get paid for this. You may not think this is weird. I do because I place HIGH VALUE on my creativity!

Now I'm gonna tag others to play this game. We'll see if anyone has the time at this crazy a$$ season of consumerism gone amok or if they want to or can they???? Here goes: Gattina,
Mushy, Luna, Ms Demmie, Katie, Scott.

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  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Tuesday, December 19, 2006  
    I am not sure I have another six ...... these were the ones I listed last week .........

    1. My job is pretty weird to most people. Renting out a dungeon and teaching people BDSM Skills and dynamics is pretty unusual. I am probably one of a kind in the UK at the moment.

    2. I always sleep with one leg/foot outside of the bedcover/quilt. I think this comes from the days of having three kids in a short space of time and having one leg out the bed ready to get up and running if needed.

    3. I have a two foot operation scar from breast bone to pubic bone - this itches when thunder is iminent.

    4. I collect BDSM toys - the collection is housed in its own room in about four cases and all four walls and most of the floor.

    5. I collect handbags and shoes - and only use two or three of each. I display the rest on my bedroom walls.

    6. I don’t do lampshades - I hate lampshades - we have spotights, uplighters and as few lampshades as possible.

    I will try and think of some more for you .............
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Tuesday, December 19, 2006  
    You classify, especially with Fafarazzi! Now with the vibrating underwear, THANKS for the link to Booty Parlor!! Value what you're worth and never compromise!!! Great stuff!!!!
  • Blogger fuzzbert_1999@yahoo.com posted at Tuesday, December 19, 2006  
    1. I like mayo in my mashed potatoes.
    2. I like jelly on top of my gravey and biscuits.
    3. I sleep with a quilt up around my neck year round.
    4. I have a jagged scar on my back from ripping out stitches climbing a tree to dear hunt. Stayed in the tree all day.
    5. I don't like to touch news print.
    6. Will not drink after any family member.

    Bonus round:
    7. My room looks like a little boy's room with Hot Wheels everywhere.
    8. Say a prayer when I hear Life Star fly over on their way to the emergency room.
    9. Cry when I see true talent!

    Not too weird, huh?
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Wednesday, December 20, 2006  
    Hey hon! Got my list done... didn't even know the tag was there till just now LOL... been doing a template for a customer... anywho... I just gotta know... am I getting vibrating panties???? *crosses fingers* LMAO

  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Saturday, December 23, 2006  
    Just revisiting to wish you a Happy Christmas
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