Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Which Blog-reality Have We Stepped Into?

Class--remember when I told you yesterday, "Don't believe everything you read and hear" or something like that. Well, I could hardly believe it-- but in the Kyra Phillips case, it seems that indeed we may well be hearing something true for a change. Go figure!

Unless the video which is making the rounds is faked, this giggle-fest currently playing worldwide is very real. Or are we all being punked? Ashton, Ashton...o where art thou? You must be hiding somewhere & playing us, right? Can we believe what we are hearing?

If what we hear is to be believed, this is what happened yesterday to our very own President (you know, the Bush dude) when he was making a speech in New Orleans. While Bush was doing his thing, CNN broadcaster Kyra Phillips went to the loo (that's the ladie's room for ya dummies) and gossiped with another lady unaware her wireless microphone was on and LIVE! So if you watch the video, you hear her badmouthing her "controlling" sister-in-law and even zipping her britches overlaid ON TOP of the Bush speech. When I watched this, Bush seemed oblivious to this commentary, and this made me curious. I mean...could he hear Kyra talking on top of him? Or was it just us? Just when you think life can not possibly get any more surreal, it does. The Gods Are Mocking Us! We're their favorite Looney Tunes!

Thus, I take it back--what I posted yesterday. Maybe sometimes you can believe everything you read and hear....scary as that thought is. I assure you-- you won't have a problem with reality at Blog-Blond for here everything is normally (most probably) a bit skewed. You can bank on it!

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sweeter and Even Shorter

Class, I humbly accept this beautiful trophy you have awarded me!How very kind to vote for your blondalicious teacher!I am honored! Who would have thunk it when I started this small little blog about tips for blogging dummies that I would be standing here today receiving this amazing, gleaming beauty in such illustrious company. Where will I put it in my home? Probably on the shelf next to the surfboard...the one with the teddybears and books by esteemed blogging professionals. I think it will look perfect there. I'll be sure and post a photo so you can see for yourselves. Once again-- thank you for voting for me for the best new blogging teacher/tipster. Oh, while I'm up here in the spotlight, I should add one more tip. I know I'm not the first person to say this, or will I be the last, but here goes one mo' time: Don't believe everything you read, and less than half of what you hear.

Without further ado, I offer you the latest news & links:

Stat Counter has announced that "we've added a feature that lets you view your recent visitors on a Google Map. Click on a marker, and you will be given all that user's details." Personally, I'm really happy to hear this news so I can (possibly or probably or maybe more than likely) delegate a staff member to relay a message to the staff of the goons of Uncle Vinnie. They will then make (maybe) make a house-call to those that make creepy comments. Now I don't know exactly where you live. Or do I? However, alphabet agencies and Uncle Vinnie sure does. Piece of cake! I never see the comments anyway because my staff takes care of this menial task, but every now and then I am given the signal of a raised eyebrow and mudras which I know how to interpret since I spent so much time in Sicily and India. With this new statcounter spy, I have requested the staff to pass on the pertinent data to Uncle Vinnie's staff. You know the Sopranoes didn't get on tv for no reason, right? You know how that goes. Then someone passes some highly classified data onto someone else. Delegating is the name of the game. Sigh! Gosh, paranoia is weird.

I've been playing around with different groups trying to determine the perfect place for this Goldilocks. Which one do you think I most fit into? So far, here's my early observations about the popular help-you-bring-traffic-to-your-blog-groups:

1. Blog Explosion: very cliquish but with different cliques; the Shout Box is sailor-mouthed. If you get yer ya-ya's that way, you'll be welcomed into the inner circle no doubt.
2. Blog Advance: needs to get their act together and site re-designed
3. Blog A Zoo: damned it's hard to find those little blogazoos!
4. Blog Soldiers: conservative, older crowd with some famous, established bloggers
5. Blog Mad: young twenties-thirties crowd for the most part...currently in beta

That's it my darlings! See ya hopefully before Uncle Vinnie's gang does. Just kidding! Seriously! Remember, you can't believe most of what you read!

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Short & Sweet

Class...oh's me, your absentee teacher! I'm back to throw some goodies your way before the weekend. What's that you say? Yes, it's true. There is NO such thing for me as a weekend, for all the days blur into another. When you are working/playing as hard as I do, it's a challenge to keep your days straight.

This week I met with my therapist to discuss Blog-Blond because BB has multiple personalities! I wished to explore this with my therapist and determine what to do about it. Should the focus be on only one aspect of Blog-Blond? Or should I let her strut her multiple styles and allow her multiple personalities to express? Should I refrain from wisecracks, satire and silliness? Should I offer more blogging tips? Should Blog-Blond express her sexy side and wear short shorts as the Glam Network says is THE trend of summer. Here's what they write in their trend watch section, "This year, skip the skirt and throw on some shorts--the shorter the better." Believing they MUST know whassup, I threw on some short shorts for ya'll just for this posting. Not bad, eh? Eat yer heart out France!

BB: (Long sigh) I don't know how to integrate my multiple personalites.

Therapist: The best plan is to take a vacation from your blog---distance will add some perspective.

BB: I do that all the time. (feeling guilty)

Therapist: Then break it down like this: one part humor, one part sharing blogging tips, one part silliness, one part sexual innuendo, one part name dropping, one part fantasy. Give each part of yourself a turn. And leave that part off at the end about tipping, or I'll bitch slap you at our next session.

BB: Errr....where's the love for all the moolah I pay you? I'm outta here.

My therapist made her point. So this is the part where I share information and actual blogging tips with you if you've hung in there this far with me.

b5Media put out the call for bloggers and will pay you for your talent. Apparently they have been swamped with applications, but maybe they haven't decided on some openings yet.

Find your blog score here at socialmeter.

This is the last weekend where Blog Advance is upping the surf ratio to 1:5:1. That means you get more bang for your surf.

Aloha...see ya whenever!

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Bloggers Create Mistaken Identities

Class, I've been having such a rockin' time, and let me tell ya, I've learned a lot lately! But then--what else is new? I've been lounging around the Roosevelt Pool in Hollywood dishing and bitching with the famous heiress whose name starts with a P, and that's all I'll say. I only had one teensy weensy mojito, but as ya'll probably know from the tradzillions of newspapers that report this fact, P. doesn't drink. She doesn't eat a whole lot either, and that's probably why she's a size zero, and I'm a size six. So our conversation went kinda like this if I can remember correctly through the Mojito blur:

BB: I don't know why you don't have your own blog by now! Omigod, I can't fathom what's been keeping you from blogging! You'd make an effing fortune. Even the King of Iran has his own blog!

P: He does?

BB: Yeh, and the President of France too!

P: Whodathunkit? I could give those fuddie-duddies a run for their money, but I don't know...

BB: Obviously you need some help with this. I'll keep it simple and not even go there with blogging chaos theory, ok? It's like this--your VERY branded name is way off the chart of the Fame-O-Meter, and you're known for having designer-label overdose addiction, so yeh, you've got your issues. Don't we all!? Look at having your own blog like this: you have your own CD, your own jet, your own monkey, your own mansions, your own ..." (interrupted by a suddenly impassioned P. getting her groove back or is it on? Presto-Chango, P. pulls herself up from her lounge chair and begins to gesticulate.)

P: You're absolutely right! You rock! Blogging is hot! Besides I'm tired of that other P. guy being mistaken for me not to mention all those fake babes on MySpace claiming they're me! Eat your heart out world, because here I come. My blog is gonna be so Over-The-Top. You will help me, won't you? After all, you're The Blog-Blond! I mean I loved your book, really I did!

Obligatory showing of book here published by Sign Generator:

BB: Ok...ok! Fame, ain't it a bitch!

Class dimissed! Notice the sign I made just for ya'll, my beloved students?

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Friday, August 18, 2006


Alrighty Class--did you learn a lot from our fabulous guest poster, Scott? I sure did! As lazy as I am, I'm really trying to force myself to add technorati tags at the end of my blogs. Scott added this bit about technorati tags in his tips, and it's an important one! I don't know why I have been so resistant to adding them when I know how powerful a tool it is. So here's what I have done, and maybe you can do the same thing. I made myself a technorati template which I have saved in a file. Whenever I need to add another technorati tag at the end of a blog, I pull out this template from its folder and insert the new, pertinent-to-the-post stuff in it. This saves me a bunch of time typing all those weird html codes which I have never really fallen in love with. I know it's necessary for our nerd street cred to have these technorati tags at the end, so I'm gonna do it from now on out and stop whining about it. Enuf of this topic...onwards to more intesting links, people and always---the fun, weird shit or gossip. That's why you come here, right? You don't just wanna learn--you wanna have a bit of fun I hope.

Wanna know what else I know about but either bin busy or too lazy to implement? Well...there are lots of things! For instance, Haloscan. Here's what I discovered at Freshblog who offers all sorts of really great advice for bloggers. For those of us who use Blogger, "Haloscan is the ONLY way I'm currently aware of for a Blogspot user to receive trackbacks." Then he (or is it a she?) goes on to mention other stand-alone tools which scare me to death as well. Maybe not you, my brave students, but all these 'things' freak me out. I like everything automatically done for me--but then, that's the way I am... just a bit spoiled! Perhaps now that Google has bought out Blogger, changes will be made and trackback will be one of the improvements? Are ya listening Mr./Mrs./Ms Google? Since sending trackbacks is good, we want them (and more!) without a lot of effort. C'mon--give it to us so we don't have to become total full-blown geeks. We don't mind being mini-geeks, but we gotta have a life out of nerd-dom.

I also printed out another article to study by Le Grand Geek, Freshblog, who is so d***** smart and at least a zillion light years ahead of me, your blondalicious teacher. This article titled "3 ways to use for categories in blogger" was another document for me to study and underline. Of course, I haven't implemented his/her suggestions yet because I feel so out-of-my-depth. I'm sure I will eventually get beyond putting my toe-in-the-water-test and actually follow through. In any event, this posting was really good info, and here's just a tidbit to entice you to check out the Freshblog blog. "...because Technorati tags don't have to link to technorati. They can link to and technorati will find them them because of the rel:tag attribute. One set of tags is therefore capable of doing two things!! One more step: Each method still requires that you bookmark your post to, but there are one-click ways to do that too..."

Don't even ask me to try and explain the lo-tech and high-tech ways that are suggested. My brain is fried just contemplating these options. I'm recovering from a computer melt-down this week, and I had two housecalls: one from an incredible computer tech (kisses, kisses to him!) and one from our local phone company which also powers our computer connection. Everything is back up and running again, but it's been an over-the-top week for me dealing with computer headaches and hiccups!

My fabulicious new computer repair tech dude shared some interesting things with me which I'll pass on to you as juicy gossip. Did ya know the two things which have pushed the powers of computer companies to up their bandwidth? You might know, but this was news to me. Yup, games and pornography. He said it's the "Revenge of the Nerds" pushing computer developments. Hmmmm....

This is all for today. Oh, one mo' thing: check out BlogU...this gal's got it going on. She is another one I admire and am learning from....amongst many. She made a big move to her own domain, and even She of the Brilliant Brain sounded a little nervous in her last post. Somehow that made me feel bettah.

That's all for now. Class dismissed.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I Present to You Our Illustrious Guest Blogger Scott

As I promised in my last posting when I wrote about a future guest with credentials, I am delivering today on this promise, and it is my great honor to present the blogging know-how and wisdom of Scott from the well known blog titled Perspectives of a Nomad. Scott is one of the BIG Dawg's, so it's only appropriate that his online radio show is titled Big Dawg Radio which you can tune into on Friday nights from 9 PM to 1AM EST. He offers prizes of mega Blog Explosion credits which I've never been lucky enough to win.....yet! There's always hope, yeh? Should his popular radio show not fit into your schedule, you can often find him battling on the Battle of the Blogs on Blog Explosion or the BE Shout Box if you wanna holler at him. Show him some love and leave a comment on his blog because he's worth it. Walk with Scott and learn from his experience how the Big Dawgs do it. Without further ado, I present to you.... Scott. Listen Up!


So let me start by thanking Blog-Blond for asking me to write a guest post. As you already know, since you’re here, the Blog-Blond is a great blogging resource, and one that I’ve really come to love. I must say, it’s pretty cool that she asked me to write something, and I’m humbled to be writing here. The odds are you’ll learn more by skipping my post and reading any of Kuanyin’s, but I’ll try to impart what I’ve learned from my time blogging.

Top 10 Tips To Blogging Nirvana

I started blogging in late December, and since that time I’ve written over 400 posts, had over 60,000 viewers of my blog, had over 3,000 comments left on my blog, and won nearly 700 Battle of the Blogs. Not bad for 8 months, huh? But above and beyond all those accomplishments is a simple one: I’ve had a great time creating it! Believe me, it shows through.

From there, I have a few things that have helped me to increase the number of people who view my blog, and the quality of those people, from the amount of time they spend reading to my blog to the number of comments they leave. Give these a try, and I hope they help you. In David Letterman Fashion, my top 10 list:

10. Use Technorati Tags – Tag your posts so that search engines can easily find what you’ve written and link to your posts based on specific search criteria. You would be shocked at the increase in readers, and the increase in time that readers spent on my site, when I started tagging my posts.

9. Write on things you know about – There are hundreds of people out there writing. If you write on something you know very little about, a reader will look for a more informed source. When you talk about something you know, people interested in that topic will look for your insights.

8. Write on current issues – If you write about issues that were important to people, 2 years ago, even 2 months ago, they may not really care a whole bunch. Write on something current, and you have a better shot at catching someone’s interest.

7. Balance out the posts in your blog – It’s great to write serious posts on serious topics, but do it all the time, and no one has any fun on your blog. Mix it up! Include some fun stuff, games, memes, and even a contest or two. It helps!

6. Link to fellow bloggers – Every blog should have a blog-roll, or list of bloggers they like to read. Be generous! List people who have interesting blogs, and they will list you and even read your blog! Blog-rolling is like your currency, your way of promoting their site, and it costs you nothing, so use it liberally.

5. Be interactive – Anything that involves your readers is good. If you’re writing about your favorite concert, ask their favorite concert. If you’re talking about how to sew a quilt, ask how they did it. Not only will this encourage people to comment, but it will encourage people to come back and read other peoples comments.

4. Write Every Day – If someone comes to your site daily and finds the same post each day, they’re less likely to come back. Even if it’s a 5 sentence post, take time to write something, because they’re taking the time to visit your blog. Nothing is more annoying than coming to a blog you like and finding the same post, day after day after day.

3. Comment on other people’s sites – If someone writes a good comment on my site, I always click the link to see their site, and normally take a few minutes to check out what they’re writing. Plus, think of how you feel when you get comments.

2. Respond to comments – When someone comments on a post, try to write back to them. I know, there’s not always enough hours in the day, but think of how you feel when you go back to a blog you commented on and they wrote back to you.

And the #1 way to attract more and better readers for your blog:

1. Make your template original – If people don’t like your template, they probably will never see your post. So don’t use the stock blogger template; create your own template that reflects your personality. And if you don’t have the ability, talk to Luna, and she’ll make you an awesome template that will wow readers.

Anyway, those are my top 10 tips for increasing both the quality and quantity of your blog traffic. I hope people enjoy it, and that it helps bring more traffic in. And hey, I could use some traffic as well, so feel free to see how it all comes together over at Perspectives of a Nomad! Thanks for letting me post, Kuanyin, and for reading my piece!


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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Poll Day

Yooohooo Class! I'm back with a Poll Day. No, not a Pool Day although I may find a way to do that eventually, but for today it's Poll Day. I want to find out from you what is making your mojo move... what makes you hot and bothered...what you know that I don't know...and what makes your funny bone tickled. Yes, I plan to include some education too. I'm not all fun! So let's get on with the fun 'n games and let me know what you are really feeling, ok?

1. Who is the sexiest male geek blogger?
a. Dave Thomas
b. Guy Kawasaki
c. Seth Godin
d. Darren Rowse
e. nominate somebody

2. Who is the most fabulous woman geek blogger?
a. Blog U
b. Mimi
c. Katie
d. Clever Hack
e. Meryl
f. Tech 4 U
g. Blog-Blond
e. nominate somebody

3. What is the most important thing you look for in a blog?
a. Information which is helpful to you or to someone
b. Twisted, snarky information
c. Humor
d. celebrity crap
e. weird shit
f. nominate something

4. Why do you blog?
a.'s all about you, you, you
b. Sharing your knowledge, talent or whatever
c. Addicted to expression
d. No one else will listen to you
e. Forced to by your significant other
f. Nominate a reason

Leave your comments and answers because your responses will assist us all! If you don't wish to contribute a comment for free, what if I bribe you with something? Will that work? Sheeesh!

Now to the education, remember?

Have you been keeping up with the Stephen Colbert Causes Chaos on Wikipeda story? No? Where have you been? Read up on it and stay current, s'il vous plait!

What is Grazr?

What's a gravatar? Look at the cutie designed for me at the top of the page by La Bella Luna.

That's all. Class Dismissed! I'm not even going to mention the tip box! Ta-ta!

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Monday, August 07, 2006

Golden Apples of Blogdom

Class called to order! You have missed me--I know it! As usual I have been the busy student of blogging so that I can offer you the most interesting, the best, the scandals, and the latest information about the blogosphere. I hope you're rested and ready to suck down all the latest tips, links and crazy s*** I offer you today. So Listen Up!

Before I begin, I want you to pay notice to the three new items I have added to my sidebar. Perchance you might wish to be a part of these three yourselves? First, a fellow geekster sistah asked me to join the Powder Puff Geeks, and I was only too happy to oblige her. Her blogroll is at the bottom. Also, I happened to chance upon a Blogring that is perfect for me too: the Bloggin' Blondes. Who knew there would be such dual good fits in less than a week? Goddess is Good! So if either of these two opportunities fits you 2, I offer them up.

Check out Zoomclouds also...isn't is awesome?

By now I imagine all of you are hip to Mozilla Firefox for all it's improvements over IE and have installed it for free, right? Here are some extensions I downloaded this week that are fabulous, and you will thank me many times over in the tip jar, right? Just kiddin Errr....almost!

The first FREE extension is CoComment

What you will see after you download it is a 'CO' on the toolbar, both top and bottom. What this allows you to do is keep track of all the comments you make, and then people make back to you, and then they make to others who then make a link back to your comment. Whew! These comment links can make you nutty, and this is a wonderful way to keep organized with the ongoing comment chain. If you download it, you will see this one woman who is the Comment Queen. She must never work or have a life, as it appears all she does is comment and then reply to comments to her. It's kinda spooky if you ask me. But hey, zero judgment here from me!

The second FREE extension is Rollyo

If you have ever wanted to have your own personalized search engine plot, well here it is! According to the developers of this fabulous gift to us, Rollyo is the "fast, easy way to create personal search engines using only the sources you trust." Thus, you can create your own...get it: roll y(our) o(wn). How very clever the name, eh? They even have a list of the High Rollers with famous people like Ariana Huffington, Brian Greene and Debra Messing using Rollyo, not to mention all the top bloggers which now includes you and me!

The third FREE extension is Newsvine

Newsvine is easy to install, and it will show up on your toolbar too. Here's how it works after you have signed up. Say you're surfing around the net, and you read a great story that you feel deserves attention. You just click on the "Seed Newsvine" thing-y on your toolbar, and send it out into cyberspace, mail it your friends (or enemies), and you are like the Johnny Appleseed of cyberspace. I used it yesterday when I read an online article in my FREE New York Times of the day which I felt should be widely read by others.

Now for the even more FUN STUFF!


On this site you will take tests to discover your Weblogger Personality. The site uses sources such as the Myers-Briggs, Keirsey Temparement Sorter, the iVillage version of Personality Test and so many more my fingers will get exhausted hitting the keyboard. Bloginality is an amazing resource if you like to discover more about yourself, and really-- who doesn't? If any of you can pick my Myer-Briggs bloginality type, I offer you a prize. No, I'm not telling you what! Do you think I play by the rules? Hint: I watch Big Brother All-Stars on tv, and they have showed me how to lie for greater success. So don't trust me. Or should I say--trust me!?

Later my beloved students! Coming soon we may have the very great honor of reading a famous blogger who has consented to guest post for me. So stay tuned! I don't know what he's gonna write about yet, but I assure you, he'll teach you a whole helluva lot and make you smile too!

Do I have to tell you again? Zee Tip Jar babies!

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