Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Totally Appropriate "So What" Blog Post

Class, I received a comment today from one of the gang, Mr. Humor-Blog himself! And he inspired me with his Totally Inappropriate Card Day. Thus, I have a confession to make to ya'll: with my recent massive blog surfing/sniffing/surveying/snooping combined with the recent partying at the Oscars (and especially the after parties!), your unique and very special blogs have become one big blur to me. I can't recall who is who anymore unless you tap HARD on my blog with comments. So Identify Yourself by comments. I don't even care if they're inappropriate. In fact, the more inappropriate-- the more I'll laugh, and that's a way to win brownie points with your blondalicious teacher. HINT!

Did you listen to me and blog about the Oscars? That was your homework...remember?! You probably were very naughty while I was busy and forgot all about the Oscars or went to sleep like so many did during the Oscars and then woke up with total amnesia.

I checked out the blogs on Outpost Earth, and I was shocked at how many dinky bloggers let this Oscar opportunity pass them by. What a waste! My blogging tip of the day for you, my beloved students, is to get into the game. Blog about current events! Leave comments on other blogs about their post of current events and mix it up a bit. Don't be shy. Let your blood-curdling, scary, freaky voices be heard! What's the worst thing that can happen to you? As long as you don't slander someone or use profanity, your blog is your chance to write your truth.

So with that truly inspirational speech, I have this to say to you today: Have you heard of the Tyra Bank's "So What!" campaign? You haven't?! Seriously? Which rock did you say you live under? Well, here's the scoop:

Tyra really let it all out on her last show with everyone in her audience including her (gorgeous 161 pound self) wearing their 'weight' numbers on their tight red swimwear. And then they all did a gut-releasing Shout-Out about their numbers! This was a cathartic moment, not only for them but for all the millions of viewers who have carried around shame about their weight issues. The show blew me away, and I am totally enlisted in the Tyra Banks fan club. She's a woman who is shaking up all the old paradigm 'programming' show by show. Go Tyra!

Today I want to do my own So-What! So What if my students don't listen to their wise, gorgeous, sexy, funny teacher! So What if you don't post comments! So What if you don't like what I write! So What if I don't like what you write!

Isn't it about time we let up on ourselves? We can't always be appropriate. Sometimes we can be deliciously naughty and inappropriate.

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oscars Preview

So I'm here in Hollyweird and hanging out with Ellen and her posse brainstorming some last minute quips for her opening monologue at the 79th Oscars TODAY! While putzing around with some photos of her and Oscar, I came up with this delightful collage. Hint: it has something to do with something. Did ya get that? If not, you will. Here's another hint for you lamebrains: Ellen likes to dance right? Who else likes to dance?

We've been trying to figure out which suit she should wear. Black---or white? Or black AND white? Decisions, decisions! It's a tough call, and maybe she'll end up wearing all three.

We've been placing our bets on the winners. Of course, I always go for the underdog (because I'm a softie in some ways, but don't get any ideas!). So everyone thinks Little Miss Sunshine or Babel will win, right? What is the least likely one to win? Why that would be Letters From Iwo Jima! So I'm going against the grain, against trends, and I've got my monies riding on the dark horses. It's a better payout should my nominees actually win!

No one but Oprah and me think Willie (Will Smith) will win the best actor for The Pursuit of Happyness. Everyone else is voting for Forest Whitaker of The Last King of Scotland. Agreed, he is not so much a dark horse as Peter O'Toole, but I break my OWN rules all the time, don't you?

Rules are made to be broken so I say--and if you let me, I'll break yours too.

Linkfest Haven, the Blogger's Oasis

Trackposted to Stuck On Stupid, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Blogging The Oscar Buzz

Have you caught the Oscar buzz yet? Ya know, it's TOMORROW! Listen up! It's very WISE to blog about current affairs, and NOTHING is quite as BIG as the Oscar Circus! So get your blogging butts in gear and start blogging about this subject. Why? Cause I told you to! Isn't that what parents and teachers always say? (How boring I KNOW!) If you truly despise the Oscars, blog about that! Leave me the link to your post, and I will award the best one a Shout Out!

Have you entered the Oscars sweepstakes yet? You still have time (but not much!) if you read this post in time! Here's the link: Oscars Naturally I've chosen my favs of the nominees for the sweepstakes grand prize. I like to get IN everything. Wink!

Isn't the rockin' little Bubblesnaps photo tool fun? It's just one of many new blog toys I've been discovering and playing with, and when I return from the Oscars, I'll post about these red-hot widgets and computer toys.

And have you've noticed the Spicy page on my right sidebar? Sign up and vote for your teacher. ( I accidentally voted on myself today when I was checking it out to make sure it worked right--that's my story and I'm sticking to it!) My Blog Log, Fuel My Blog, Outpost-Earth, My Blog Log News, Blog Cloud, and Humor-Blogs are other ways I've been social networking! These sites are excellent ways to get your blog into the friggin blog fray.

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Even MORE Blog-Blond Awards & Gossip

Photo: Charles Pfeil

Yooohoooo Class, I'm back! (Cue music from Jaws) Yes, I've been on another LONG journey within the massive Blogosphere. I've taken tons of notes (lost them probably five times), scoped-out a gadzillion blogs (some of you may have seen my photo in your sidebar via MyBlogLog), left brief comments (ok, one LONG one!), and have juicy blog gossip to share with you today.

Before I hand out more Blog-Blond Awards, I want you to know I wasn't serious when I posted the Valentine on my last post. BECAUSE I DO MISS YOU! I don't know what got into me! Smile! You all rock! Especially Mushy!

I want to fill you in on the controversial 2,000 bloggers project. If any of my astute students wish to add to my version, please feel free to make a comment-- even though your blondalicious teacher attempts to get things right, sometimes (rarely) I'm wrong. With that said, here's my (somewhat skewed) version of what came down:

Tino Buntic had a brilliant idea one day while petting his cat. (I made that cat part up, but I liked the feeling-tone and image). So Tino followed up his brainstorm and created (with the very best of intentions) a blog with 2,000 blogging faces linked to their blogs. This will go down in Blog History as the infamous 2,000 Blogger Project. If you recall, I gave him an award for the Best Sardine Blog. And yes, my face was squeezed in with all the rest of your crazy-a$$ mugs. I thought to myself at the time, why didn't MY cat help me with that great idea! Now, I'm glad my cat was hiding in the closet.

However, dear Tino caught serious flak with his awesome creation, and he was (I feel unfairly!) accused of creating a "link farm" by some. In his defense, a knight/bloke, InstaBloke stepped into the fray along with other bloggers to weigh-in with their take about the controversy. (Meanwhile, Tino probably wished he had never petted his cat that day.) However, this 2000 project had beyootiful LEGS, and the 2,000 Project now has a new home here: 2K Bloggers. Many offshoots have blossomed. Check out these links. Is this THE happy ending, or the beginning of something else? Will there be scary Cafe Press t-shirts and YouTube videos spawned? Only time will tell.

That's the gossip for the day and now on with the Blog-Blond Awards:

Best Nutso Bride Blog: Offbeat Bride

Best Easy-Way-To-Make-Money Off Blog Monkeys Blog: Buy A Banana

Best Non-Conformist Thinking Blog: The Thinking Blog

Best Humor Post Aggregator Blog: Humor-Blogs

Best Satiric in-Your-Face Blog : zefrank

Best New Post Linking Concept Blog: Face Ads

Best Gorgeous Photography Photoblog: Barcelona

Best Outrageous Rich People Toys Blog: Born Rich

Best Going -For- It- Blog: Choose My Name

Best You- Gotta -Be -Kidding- Me Blog: Are You My Wife

Best Road Warriors with Faith: Hitch 50

That's it for today! Keep your eye out for me as I continue my search for more awesome blogs. I've been known to pop up all over the place, but don't believe the gossip- it wasn't me who talked Britney into shaving her head. I just made one teensy weensy candid remark to her that her hair was fried from jumping back and forth between blond and brown ,and that she needed to decide on a color for once and for all. The next thing you know, she decided--if you can call bald a color. P.S. This post will be listed on Humor-Blogs, and if you wanna read other humorous posts, check 'em out.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!


Click the above Message for My Valentine's Day Card to You!

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Saturday, February 03, 2007

I'm Back With More Blog Awards!

Can you believe it? I haven't posted in ages because I fell down the deep rabbit hole of BLOGS! And what a very deep hole it is! One blog led to another blog and then to another--a maze of ever more beguiling blogs offering amazing information, education, insights, and humor! Climbing out of this blog-hole (worse by far than any man hole!)has taken me like forever--as you may have noticed--then again, maybe not. You've probably been very naughty in my absence as I would expect that from you. You have to be naughty for me, right? In any event, I have lots to share with you today.

Before I begin anew with another installment of Blog-Blond Best of Blogs Awards, I want to point out two nifty items in my sidebar. Check out the phone. Plusmo is the place to go if you want one of your own. This way others can download your blog right on their cell.

The second item I added is Sonific. I compared it to Best Audio Codes, and I prefer Sonific. I found an extremely racy song which I deliberated adding to this blog but finally decided against--I don't want ya'll to get the wrong idea about your blondalicious teacher! Wink!

Since there are SOOOOO many fabulous blogs which deserve an award, I have decided to do more than two installments of blog awards. By the way, did you vote on the 2007 Bloggies? I did, but it wasn't easy for me because I felt so many OTHER deserving blogs weren't even listed! I much prefer my awards, and I hope you do to. So listen up! Here they are:

Best Sensual Banquet Blog (one word of warning--be very blog hungry before you go here!):

Crossroads Dispatches

Best Crumb-Leaver and Spicy Get-Around-Gal Blog: Serenity Quest

Best Why Didn't I Think Of That First Blog!: Bestest Blog Of All Time

Best Good Ol Boy With a Young Spirit Blog: Mushys Moochings

Best Snarky Celebrity Blog: Best Week Ever

Best Satire Blog: The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs

Best Sardine Blog: 2000 Bloggers

Best Nerd News Blog: Slashdot

Best Abandoned Blog: Abandoned Blog

There you have it for today. I'll be back with more! I'm off to take a long bubble bath to wash the blog hole away, ya know? And yes, I will have a martini. Oh yeh!

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