Saturday, February 24, 2007

Blogging The Oscar Buzz

Have you caught the Oscar buzz yet? Ya know, it's TOMORROW! Listen up! It's very WISE to blog about current affairs, and NOTHING is quite as BIG as the Oscar Circus! So get your blogging butts in gear and start blogging about this subject. Why? Cause I told you to! Isn't that what parents and teachers always say? (How boring I KNOW!) If you truly despise the Oscars, blog about that! Leave me the link to your post, and I will award the best one a Shout Out!

Have you entered the Oscars sweepstakes yet? You still have time (but not much!) if you read this post in time! Here's the link: Oscars Naturally I've chosen my favs of the nominees for the sweepstakes grand prize. I like to get IN everything. Wink!

Isn't the rockin' little Bubblesnaps photo tool fun? It's just one of many new blog toys I've been discovering and playing with, and when I return from the Oscars, I'll post about these red-hot widgets and computer toys.

And have you've noticed the Spicy page on my right sidebar? Sign up and vote for your teacher. ( I accidentally voted on myself today when I was checking it out to make sure it worked right--that's my story and I'm sticking to it!) My Blog Log, Fuel My Blog, Outpost-Earth, My Blog Log News, Blog Cloud, and Humor-Blogs are other ways I've been social networking! These sites are excellent ways to get your blog into the friggin blog fray.

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