Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oscars Preview

So I'm here in Hollyweird and hanging out with Ellen and her posse brainstorming some last minute quips for her opening monologue at the 79th Oscars TODAY! While putzing around with some photos of her and Oscar, I came up with this delightful collage. Hint: it has something to do with something. Did ya get that? If not, you will. Here's another hint for you lamebrains: Ellen likes to dance right? Who else likes to dance?

We've been trying to figure out which suit she should wear. Black---or white? Or black AND white? Decisions, decisions! It's a tough call, and maybe she'll end up wearing all three.

We've been placing our bets on the winners. Of course, I always go for the underdog (because I'm a softie in some ways, but don't get any ideas!). So everyone thinks Little Miss Sunshine or Babel will win, right? What is the least likely one to win? Why that would be Letters From Iwo Jima! So I'm going against the grain, against trends, and I've got my monies riding on the dark horses. It's a better payout should my nominees actually win!

No one but Oprah and me think Willie (Will Smith) will win the best actor for The Pursuit of Happyness. Everyone else is voting for Forest Whitaker of The Last King of Scotland. Agreed, he is not so much a dark horse as Peter O'Toole, but I break my OWN rules all the time, don't you?

Rules are made to be broken so I say--and if you let me, I'll break yours too.

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  • Blogger Becky C. posted at Monday, February 26, 2007  
    I wish Ellen had been a little more penquinish--I was anticipating a spiffy tux.

  • Blogger robkroese posted at Monday, February 26, 2007  
    Hi, K! I'm just stopping by to wish you a Happy Happy Inappropriate Card Day!
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