Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Blog-Blond Answers Your Emails

Listen Up Class! I am behind with my replies to your burning blog questions, and today I plan to nail the answers. What follows is the shortened questions minus the sender's name, praise, and adulation of your blondalicious teacher--just the meat of the question with my answer. I apologize I can't reply to all of your questions today as "blah blah blah" (insert whatever alibi you would like to hear from me in this space)! Perhaps you may learn something from these questions and answers which will then make you re-consider emailing me the same question, eh?
Question: I've been shut-out by a group of bloggers who I once thought were my friends. I feel betrayed and want revenge. What can I do?

BB's Answer: Oh this is so simple! Blogs on Blogger and other blogging platforms are free, right? Simply start another blog and pose as another person with another blog which fits the same persuasion of your blog betrayers. Infiltrate their ranks. The time will come when you'll be able to get your revenge. Wait as patiently as a cat does for a mouse. HOWEVER, don't blog from your same computer as this will be a give-away as your IP address is trackable, and they might catch on to you. Use a friend's computer or, if necessary, go to an internet cafe. Keep a fairly low profile until you find the perfect moment to pounce.

Question: Someone asked me to reciprocate links with them, and I did so. Then this woman never got around to adding my link after several months even though I reminded her. I've finally taken her link down, and now she is linking up to all my friends. Do I tell my blogging friends about her lack of integrity with me?

BB Answer:
It depends upon what this woman is offering your friends and how close you are to your friends. If you're super tight with them, then I'd say go ahead and let them know what a s*** she's been to you. If they still want to link and befriend this blogger, take your friends links down as well, or at the very least, don't give them any comment love...or make really stupid comments on their posts. You don't need friends like that. On the other hand, if they're just your typical meme blogging group of acquaintances making the rounds looking for blogs with Mr. Linky's or s**cking-up to who they think are the top bloggers, don't even bother telling them. Just move on! There ARE bloggers with integrity even though they are MUCH harder to locate. Once again, I remind you of one of Blog-Blond's cardinal rules. Keep the memory of the elephant which never forgets. I like to switch around the famous Groucho Marx quote, "I'd never join a club that would allow a person like me to become a member." Blog-Blond's quote is, "I'll happily club the member of any person allowing me to join them." (Wink!)

Question: I can't see any purpose for the social contacts, twitters, Second Lives, memes, groups, and dumb comments. I just don't get it.

BB's Answer: Welcome to Blog Harsh Truth 101
. The blogosphere is mostly a bunch of narcissists preening in the Blog Hall of Mirrors. Your bafflement is only the beginning of Harsh Truths you will discover as you venture deeper into the blogosphere, but the engagement with these others will toughen you up for the larger multiverse which is preparing to install itself upon your hard drive.
"Humor-Blogs.com", can ya dig this?

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  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Wednesday, March 21, 2007  
    Excellent post. I can always count on you to tell it as it is. Jon
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Wednesday, March 21, 2007  
    Great idiea the Q&A
  • Blogger Haunted TUNA posted at Sunday, March 25, 2007  
    ...why take down a link after several months in this scenario? I would take it down after a week if I saw the person updated his/her blog and not adding my link.

    (Btw, nice logo!!)
  • Blogger Blog Bloke posted at Sunday, March 25, 2007  
    "don't blog from your same computer as this will be a give-away as your IP address"

    Heck, just use an anonymous proxy server from the comfort of your own home.

    Think of reciprocating links as one night stands. In the good old days of blogging I gave away free ebooks that I wrote on RSS technology. All that I asked in return was a reciprocating link. Can you guess how many who did it? You're absolutely right. And the few that did reciprocate have long since removed them. That's appreciation for ya. Sigh.

    Welcome to the blogosphere!

    (These tips and more are brought to you by the original BB ;-)

    Cheers and blog-blond on!

  • Blogger Unknown posted at Tuesday, March 27, 2007  
    You. Are. Great! Period.
  • Blogger Carlos Lorenzo posted at Tuesday, March 27, 2007  
    Hi it is good to be back on time time to read this one (gosh are those icons allowed, I mean the one with the skirt? Never mind) I digress, I am somehow attracted to the third statement for a number of reasons although I totally enjoyed the sort of Count of Montecristo revenge you schemed in the first answer. As to the second, it happened to me just recently. I agreed with someone with a lower PR (f*** PR) but nice work, and he said great! you can link to me whenever you like, ok I thought and then I check and nothing, just those typical phoney links you get if you comment on them, you know. Anyway I just let him get away with it. I am of the opinion that everybody is there watching and judging your acts and there is a general sense of what is fair on the internet. Your own fans may cast a thumbs down vote on you at any time if they see that you are a fraud (of course you are immune if you don't give a damn about that). Thanks for your time at my blog. Hey we can trade links? Serious! Don't laugh!
  • Blogger kuanyin333 posted at Tuesday, March 27, 2007  
    Carlos...you are linked! Same goes for you HT and Monojoy! See how sweet I am? BB has already been linked!
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