Saturday, March 10, 2007

Blog Review of Ja Kel

Class: it's me, your Blondalicious Teacher, showing up with yet another post on the weekend! Do miracles ever cease?!

The reason I'm re-appearing so soon ( abnormal I know!) after my last post is this: a blogger has offered a link-exchange-review gig which I simply can't resist! The deal he offered me is write a brief review of his (fairly new) blog, and then he will do the same for me. Now this may not seem like winning the big lollapalooza lottery, and I'm taking a risk because I don't know Jake (even though his babysitter's cousin dated my gardener's uncle who then married my manicurist's masseuse) , but then there is always method to my madness.

I remember what Madonna said to me a long time ago which became widely reprinted in the media. It went something like this: any press is good press.

And as part of my blogging ministry, it is imperative I reach out to my congregation/readers. Plus since my My Blog Log photo popped up on Jake's sidebar as I was surfing around, he easily tracked me down and inquired if I would be interested in doing a review/link exchange. Since I don't have the heart to say no more than fifty times a day, I said yes! I give Jake of Ja Kel Daily Dot Com high marks for being industrious, brave, diligent, and daring. Yes, daring! Imagine his 'cojones' asking ME for a review!

With those compliments out of the way, I will launch into my review. Please turn away if you can't stomach my critique. (Just kidding! I'm like the pussycat in the photo above compared to some other reviewers who've devastated some of my favorite blog friends with their stupid reviews. Such bad karma for these reviewers who hide behind proxy email, fake photos and such! Play nice. Be kind. Be gentle. Flop your ear a bit over young bloggers!)

First, here's what I like about the blog Ja Kel Dot Com and Jake's blogging style:

Jake is a smart cookie. He writes, "Reward your top commentators by acknowledging them with a top commenting section in your side bar and prizes to the top commentator within a specified time frame when available to give." Hey, bribery is a brilliant idea. He even offers a tip how to put commentators on the sidebar with the Wordpress platform he uses. I like this idea so much I'm puzzling how to do the same with my Blogger! I wonder what the prizes are. If he listed the prizes, this would make his offer more alluring!

Second: Jake checks out our mugs in the MyBlogLog widget on his sidebar and connects with them. Thus, he doesn't let opportunity pass him by. He's goes for it. And if he follow his own advice and walks his talk, he will comment on other's posts.

Third: this blog is easy to navigate and offers good content.

Now here's what I'd do if I did a Make-Over:

He has a photo with a red Ferrari and his adorable wife hidden away under the topic header "About". He would bring a LOT more attention to his blog were he to take down the header with the photo of the fence and the subtitle which is too wordy and confusing, "Life's Boundaries Greener Grass or Unexpected Cliffs". Who wants the fence feeling? Not me! I prefer the red Ferrari and cute wife vibe, don't you? How do you think one of Jake's idols, John Chow, made his blog so popular? By parking back- to- back expensive sports cars smack dab at the top of his blog for one thing!

My strong (and not humble-at-all) opinion: copy the masters! Do exactly as they do! The masters know trends-- what motivates people-- and they demonstrate how to succeed. How do you think they became masters?! To conclude: people want to view sexy, expensive cars--not chain link fences with the impending sense of doom attached to cliffs. People want to look at yummy food, hot girls & guys, cute kids, ritzy items, and adorable baby animals. (This is why I added the photo of the cat and dog at the top for one very obvious reason.)If you are dressing your blog, let the first impression be of one of these items. First impressions count!

My second criticism: is there any way Jake could move the ads over to the side or somewhere else, at least at the beginning of his post? This would make The Blond so happy! His good content is diminished and scrunched by these annoying ad placements. Does he have any control over this placement? If not, I'd say get rid of them. If you can't control your own blog-look and the advertiser's have taken over, then this sends a message to your readers, ya know?!

Third and last: where are the links? I like links! No one knows how to do links better than Mr. Humor-blogs. Check out his cunning method.

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  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Saturday, March 10, 2007  
    Thank you for the excellent review and I like your idea on changing the header picture. I will change it just as you suggested. Once again thanks for the review and I will place your short review under batch 2 today. Remember if you want a full review you have to be the top commentator for the month.
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Monday, March 12, 2007  
    Ok your Ferrari header is up, makeover complete. Along with a post giving you some credit for the idea.. Oh almost forgot my name is Jason not Jake

    Ja - Jason
    Kel - Kel

    Ja Kel : Oh I came up with the name
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Thursday, March 15, 2007  
    that's a really great shot of the dog and the kitten. wonderful!

    like your blog.

    oh, hey ... responded to your question at my carnival. see you there.
  • Blogger Hammer posted at Wednesday, March 21, 2007  
    I've never been one for reading long blog posts (not that this one was an epic), but I must admit I just enjoyed reading this one and actually didn't just skim it, but hung on every word.
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