Friday, March 09, 2007

Is Mr. Linky Too Girly For Guys?

Class: Listen Up to your Blondalicious Teacher! Before the weekend blur becomes completely blurred, I wish for you to reflect on "Mr. Linky". You must have noticed the Mr. Linky widget at the bottom of many posts, especially ones participating in memes, right? The Mr. Linky protocol goes like this: after reading a post, you (the reader!) add your name and blog url to the linky widget and then make a comment. Some people abuse poor Mr. Linky which makes some bloggers quite steamed. Why? The %$#& add their link and then don't comment. Oh, the horrors!

HOWEVER, what I've observed as I've been rocking the blogosphere is Mr. Linky RARELY ever shows up on the blogs of men, even those who participate in memes. The absence of Mr. Linky on men's blogs prompted me to wonder why and enter into a deep philosophical conversation with myself about this mystifying- missing- mr- linky-on-men's-blogs.

Me One: Well, first of all--consider the Freudian connotation!

Me Two: And what about the words themselves: linky and mister? It rhymes with dinky. And blinky. And pinky. And kinky. And...

Me One: Enough rhyming already! Let's get serious here! I've been debating whether to add Mr. Linky, but I'm kinda suspicious of it.

Me Two: As well you should--does it measure UP? Maybe men bloggers are clued in? I've researched all the main male blog teachers, and I can't find even a reference to it in their posts.

Me One: Or possibly they may suspect Mr. Linky as being too girly.

Me Two: So is the "Venus & Mars" dynamic revealing itself even with widgets?

Me One: Perhaps Mr. Humor-Blogs and my class might might wish to elucidate their teacher about this matter before it gets filed in the Pitiful- Post-Piffle Files (P.P.P. files). Let's hear from you: Is Mr. Linky Too Girly For Guys?

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Posted by kuanyin333 at 5:38 PM


  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Friday, March 09, 2007  
    Maybe the guys are too stupid to figure it out. I clicked the link and got nothing.

    Kinda like my last date.

  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Saturday, March 10, 2007  
    Mr. Linky widget? Isn't he on the registered sex offenders list? He better not come anywhere near my neighborhood.
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