Saturday, April 21, 2007

How To Collaborate With Other Bloggers

Class, today Mohit Singhania of the blog Best-Blog-Basket and Blog Blond are collaborating on the FIRST EVER cross-post! (Could this be construed as cross-dressing? Nah!) The Gods must be laughing hilariously because look who they brought to Blog-Blond: a triple 'B'! Note the three 'B's in the name Best Blog-Basket! Is this not a little bit strange that Blog-Blond should receive an invitation to guest post on a triple-B blog? First, they plop on my blog doorstep, the double-delightful Blog Bloke, and now a triple 'B'!!! The Gods must know I like to laugh!

But back to business, Best- Blog-Basket and Blog-Blond are performing a synergistic cross-post today! This cross-post may make blog history! Here's how this works: I wrote a post for Best Blog-Basket on "How To Become a Hot Member at MyBlogLog" upon the invite. And I did so. Now I am referencing the post on BBB by posting about that post. Get it?

The five points I made in the post posted on Best- Blog-Basket are excellent ones, and I'd like you to read it for your edification! While you're at it, read more of BBB's posts for they are excellent, and you will no doubt learn a lot! With that said, here's what I REALLY like to do with MyBlogLog: Go on an Indian Raiding Party and take as many hostages as I can as quickly as I can. And here's how I do it:

I paint Indian war paint on myself or deck myself out in outlandish attire before clicking on the link to MyBlogLog, rather like these strange friends of mine in the photo. I suggest you do the same. It helps one to feel more ridiculous and crazy. The point is this: get yourself in the mood by dressing crazy, and then go into MyBlogLog and take yourself some hostages.....err, friends/contacts.

It's a simple formula: the more hostages you hold, the more popular you are! I write in the Best -Blog-Basket post as my first point: Be audacious. Well, it helps to be audacious if you dress with audacity! Talk about dressing for success!

Wanna play Cowboys and Indians sometime, Mr. "Humor"? Of course, I get to be the Indian!!!

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  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Sunday, April 22, 2007  
    Great pic and blog ! You are very creative
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  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Monday, April 23, 2007  
    Found your blog via a link on insight...
    looking forward to reading more!
    See you are in Hawaii...Must be nice...
  • Blogger Santhosh Koyilada posted at Monday, April 23, 2007  
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  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Tuesday, April 24, 2007  
    Nice Post,
    I like the idea of purpose filled link generation.

    I've tried different ways of creating back links.

    I like your idea of inviting people from mybloglog and doing collaborative work.

    Are you getting some links from these?
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