Sunday, May 06, 2007

Paying It Forward--Blog-Angel Style

Class, remember my last post about my suspicions about two of my blogs being banned by IE? Well, thanks to the thoughtful reader/angel, The Imaginary Diva, who left a comment about her own experience of having a widget act-up on her and closing down IE for her, I was able to troubleshoot and discover the troublesome widget....Google Language Translator of all things! Who would have thunk it?

If it weren't for her experience and sharing her hard-won wisdom with her comment, my two blogs might still be stuck in IE purgatory! So a BIG Shout-Out to The Imaginary Diva for taking the time to share your wisdom!

This helpful quality is what makes for a great blogging community as we're all in the process of learning, and the learning curve comes in strange and mysterious ways.

Late yesterday (as I was celebrating Cinco de Mayo and in no shape to blog, trust me!), I received an email from a blog buddy which began like this:

"You are my last hope contacting ex Blogger now Bloogle-Glogger ! My sidebar disappeared but not like in the past, just hanging down, this time it disappeared from my blog but also "inside" !
When I open Layout "page Elements" the HTLM Java script button is missing. There is only one for "Blog Archives" and one for "About me" and that's it. It suddenly disappeared 3 or 4 days ago and I haven't touched this for quite a while.

Do you know somebody who could help me ? In this Google help group I asked but got no answer. I would like to add some things but can't because this button is not there. It's only in my blog Writer Cramps ! I also tried both browsers, Firefox and IE but for both it's the same."

So I emailed her back today with a recommendation. Then it struck me I could pay it forward by posting on my blog about the situation my friend is facing on her blog, Writer's Cramps.

Maybe one of you reader/angels can help her out with a comment as The Imaginary Diva did for me? As well all know, it may be hell freezing over (I know, a tired, worn-out cliche) before she hears back from Blogger. They're probably STILL celebrating Cinco de Mayo!

Over and out. Is my halo shining brighter, Mr. ""?

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  • Blogger Kilroy_60 posted at Monday, May 07, 2007  
    I think The Sage of Maui is a name that would fit you well. 8-)

    What better way to welcome Monday...
    The Professor has been tagged!

    KILROY was here!
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