Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tough Love and Blog Homework

Class: your teacher is very busy, but I haven't forgotten you and have some homework and information for you to study. If you have any questions about anything written on these two blogs, ask them--don't ask me! As I said, I'm busy!

Here are the two resources chock full of important information for up-and-coming blog stars such as you, my amazing students:

Blog Law

RSS in Plain English

Does this post work for you, Mr. ""?

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  • Blogger Minka posted at Friday, May 18, 2007  
    I canæt speak for MR. Humorblogs...but it certainly did just fine for me :)
  • Blogger Callie posted at Friday, May 18, 2007  

    That photo was funny! Slap away!
  • Blogger Nomarless posted at Tuesday, May 22, 2007  
    I like the is REALLY REALLY sad that we as a world have turn what was an open forum into a place where some people will take copyright to the nth degree.

    I appreciate the idea - I really do - but the Internet was about sharing information, sometimes more freely that ever. It certainly can't be easy to track or ask for photos every time you see one that relates. Frankly, you find it hard to email the origin of the work product.

    I try hard to site other sources for my work - even BOOKS in my post - but the consistency to do it is less than I would like.

    I started on the internet in 1993. Then, you could be sure the copyright issue only applied to scholarly work. I don't consider blogging, news reporting or just open files as "work product."

    It is dual edge. You may disagree, but without the internet, many would not have the voice, the artistic expression and compilation powers to produce really anything people would like.

    If it is a dilution of rights we must also take it as freeing minds to think much broader. Seems the people that explored the philosophy of open platform suddenly changed their opinions once it was their platform being taken from.
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