Friday, June 01, 2007

Blogged Alive!

Students! Students! Gather 'round! Aren't you excited I returned on a Friday? Right when you're already kicking back with a beer thinking to yourselves that the Bad A$$ Blond (B.A.D.)must have taken another vacation because she hasn't posted any weekend homework assignments, I show up on your computer screen. Never doubt my love for you, my beloved students. I haven't forgotten about you.

I admit it! I've been a very naughty teacher because I feel I've been blogged alive which isn't nearly as bad as being buried alive, but close!

What's this, you say?

Hey, it happens to the BEST of us bloggers--even your bodacious bloggin' blondalicious (B.B.B.)teacher! With 12 blogs to juggle, there have been days lately when I just want to dip into the jacuzzi and daydream about scandalicious, superficial (S.S.) things like whether La Lohan is going to hang in there with her rehab or whether Britney is going to ditch her crazy hat collection--or other things equally moronic.

According to Andy Wibbels and Seth Godin, I've been doing "The Dip"! Read Andy's post here on this subject, but not until you finish reading mine! Thwack!

In my recent period of recuperation from OVER-BLOGGING, I have come up with some hard and fast rules which I wish to teach you.

First, ignore the majority of your emails, except the one offering you a free trip to Cannes. If you don't ignore the emails, you will get sucked right into the computer, and before you know it, you will be a blob. If you try to write in this blobbed-out state, your blog(s) will suffer. Much of these emails are non-essential information which don't support your hyper creative kung fu blog stance.

do as your teacher did: Rejuvenate. Read. Jacuzzi. Do the F.U.N. thing. Laugh. Eat, drink, and make merry. There's more than enough information to suggest blogs might not weather the years ahead as we limp into 2012. So don't worry, be HAPPY! A link is a link is a link. Your blog popularity goes up, and it goes down. Small stuff!

Third, don't buy into the fantasy of visualization! The REAL Secret is that blogging is a lot of work, and your blog won't be competing with any of the Big Boyz unless you sell your soul and work 24/7! Ok, that last sentence was a tad harsh. I take back the part about selling your soul. HOWEVER, I will say this: visualizing must be meshed with emotion with ACTION!

And yet action needs to come from a balanced being!

This is your homework assignment this weekend: take a break from blogging and see if you're still human. Take back your life.

Here's a funny YouTube video treat for you from Mark Day to enjoy!

Have a fabulous weekend little darlings, and that includes you, Mr. "".

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  • Blogger Mauigirl posted at Friday, June 01, 2007  
    Thank you for the encouragement not to blog for the weekend! I'm actually heading off on vacation and yet could not resist checking blogs tonight in my hotel when I discovered they had an internet connection!
  • Blogger Miss Cellania posted at Tuesday, June 05, 2007  
    I actually find myself doing this 24/7. Can't take any time off, because then I won't get paid! You know, all work expands to fill the available time. When you work at home, the available time is ALL your time!
  • Blogger Sueblimely posted at Sunday, June 24, 2007  
    Dear teacher
    I am going to do as you say and head off to them there hills for 3 days next week.

    My son is adamant that I am not taking my computer so that we can spend quality time together E.g. watch the same DVD's at the same time, in the same room - he is 21 so actual communication with his mother is not a priority.

    I will get my 'assignment' to you before I go and may even do some future dated posts on my blog so it stays up to date. I used to keep the house clean and tidy, socialize with friends outside the home, go to the occasional movie .... but blogging is time consuming. Would not do it if I did not thoroughly enjoy it though.

    Just had a thought ... Maybe I will transfer my unread emails to one of the computers we are taking with us.(we only take them to be able to watch DVD's and avi's of course)I could save replies as drafts and send them when back online again. That may break your rules though!

    PS - could you forward the email offering a free holiday in Cannes. In return I will send you the email telling me about the million dollars I won in the sweepsstake I did not enter. You are welcome to claim it.
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