Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Squidoo is a Do-Do

Class, lately I have become totally infatuated with Squidoos or Squids as some call them. They are like a country cousin to blogs, but they are more tightly focused on a specific subject. If you have a passion for something and know a lot about it, Squidoos are your answer. They're not nearly as complicated as blogs and require little computer prowess-- placing somewhere between a Tumblelog and a blog in tech skill level. Of course, the great lenses are a glory to behold for they are so ALL inclusive!!

Many bloggers are also successful Squidoo lens masters.

Due to having acquired a mentor who held my hand through my first Squidoo creation and marketing, my first two Squidoos are ranking fairly high for baby Squidoos. One of them is at 2,237 and the other at 3,074 ranking. My mentor has Stumbled them for me which I'm sure helped a lot. :Smile:

You can earn money for your favorite charities with your Squidoos (lenses), or you can keep all the money earned from the advertising revenue (they split it with you) and through your own insertion of products from sites such as Amazon, eBay, iTunes and others.

You can add a RSS feed from your blog--another great feature and yet another way to gain readership for your blog!

You can create lenses to sell products, plus create lenses to get quality backlinks to your other blogs and sites such as I've done. Google seems to also have an infatuation with Squidoo so if you link to a site from there, you can have the site spidered and indexed quickly. You will also receive a good ranking for your Squidoo pages on Google.

Have any of my naughty students created a Squid? I'll show you mine if you show me yours. Errr....I mean we'll show, share and trade five stars. And if you don't know what I mean by five stars, go do your homework and find out! Get with the program!

Mr. "Humor-Blogs.com", are you a Squid-ee aussi?

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Blog Fantasies--How to Find Birds of a Feather

Class, your teacher is back from the blahs and the weekend parties. Before beginning this post today, I decided to jump around to some of my favorite bloggers to see what they were up to, and that's when I realized what a super sweet blogger I've been. What I've been freely giving away, other bloggers are using for blog contest bait! How dumb a blonde can your blondalicious teacher be? Maybe it's time I play hard-ball like these other bloggers. Heck, I just gave away all my rockin' Pownce invitations with nary a contest! Do you want me to crack the whip and get out my paddle? Don't hold back.

My questions:

a. should your blondalicious teacher toughen-up?
b. should I run contests? If so, what do you want to win?
c. should I post more controversial stuff?
d. should I mix-it-up more with other bloggers?
e. OR should I do all of the above?

Let me know what your desires are, and I'll take them into consideration. Dress me up, and maybe I'll play along--as long as you remember I am the boss!

Maybe some of you actually read my posts, and if you did, you will recall I said I would link to all those who have left comments since I posted the I-Follow Badge at the end of every week. I know I'm late to do this, but Britney and Lindsay have been keeping me busy.

So here's the list of commenters:

No More Mr. Nice Guy
Dan's Blah Blah Blog
Free PC Security
Niche Marketing-Andy Beard
Insta Bloke
RelaX BabeY
Cry it Out--Adventures of a Stay-At-Home-Dad
One Man's Goal
Life In the Fast Lane
Discovering Blogging

Mr. "Humor-Blogs.com"--don't be shy. Speak up.

Oh....one more thing: check out Bloggeries, a wonderful forum for bloggers and also a high ranking page directory. I recently discovered it, and there's some very interesting information and conversations happening there.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Share Your Favorite Blogging Tips

Class, I discovered a post over at Cash Quests which is right up my alley, if you know what I mean. It's a tag list where anyone who wants to join in gets to share their best blogging tips. And since Blog-Blond is ALL ABOUT blogging tips, well....

So without further ado, I have copied and pasted from Cash Quests the rules which are:

"The concept of the list is to share everybody’s best tip about blogging and to introduce you to some new sites that you may not have visited before. I was tagged by James from Reality Wired and I like the idea of learning together and sharing our best advice, so I’m going to continue the list and publish it here!

With the Goolge Pagerank update just days away and backlinks being a crucial factor - this is one list that you want to join and republish immediately!

-Start Copy-

It’s very simple. When this is passed on to you, copy the whole thing, skim the list and put a * star beside those that you like. (Check out especially the * starred ones.)

Add the next number (1. 2. 3. 4. 5., etc.) and write your own blogging tip for other bloggers.

Try to make your tip general.

After that, tag 10 other people. Link love some friends!

Just think– if 10 people start this, the 10 people pass it onto another 10 people, you have 100 links already!

1. Look, read, and learn. *****

2. Be, EXCELLENT to each other. *****

3. Don’t let money change ya! ****

4. Always reply to your comments. ****

5. Spell check is your friend. ****
- http://thingsbymike.com

6. Be the blog. *****
- http://www.meandmydrum.com/

7. Your readers are your treasure. **
- http://www.brownbaron.com/blog/

8. Titles Are Everything **
- http://www.realitywired.com

9. Your blog. Your money. Your rules. **
- Cash Quests

So jump on in my naughty students and play along, won't you? I know you must know a lot after studying with me this past year. What is your HOTTEST BLOGGING TIP?

Mine is this: Offer benefit to your readers*


You can begin copying and pasting from here up.

How 'bout you, Mr. "Humor-Blogs.com"?

P.S. If you want to check out your blondalicious teacher as a smoking brunette, join me at the Second Life BlogHer Conference starting tomorrow. My avatar name is Kuanyin Yiyuan.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Blog-Dog -Daze, Contests, and Praises

Class, if you're anything at all like your blondalicious teacher, the Dog Days become the Dog Daze, and the days seem to stretch into infinity-- you become listless, bored, and restless. Posting on your blog(s) feels like the last thing you want to do. I was reminded of how important it is to keep writing and posting even when you don't feel like it when I received this email from Copyblogger this week titled "10 Steps to Becoming A Better Writer":

  1. Write.
  2. Write more.
  3. Write even more.
  4. Write even more than that.
  5. Write when you don’t want to.
  6. Write when you do.
  7. Write when you have something to say.
  8. Write when you don’t.
  9. Write all the time.
  10. Keep writing.
Heck, rather than posting, I'd much rather be reading and laughing my a$$ off at the comments made by others on blogs. Comments are where so much comedic material lies, and where bloggers bounce off of each other in the most entertaining ways--a laugh riot to be sure.

However, I'm back because I want to win 50 SMACKERS from Bloggrrl
who is running a contest until July 31st, and since I'll be at the BlogHer Second Life Conference beginning today and continuing the next several days, I might forget to enter. So here's the deal Bloggrrl is offering: Mention this contest for one entry plus name your favorite post for a second entry (Why The Underwear Post Was A Rotten Idea is my choice), and you TOO could win the money. It's not so much the money for me, but I've been wanting to give her funny blog a plug for awhile, so this is my way of doing it. She's one my favorite humor writers, and I've added her link to my brand new sparkling Squidoo lens called Funny Blogs. If anyone has some great humor blogs they want to suggest for my Squidoo lens, leave me a comment, and I'll consider their blog.

Now for the praise before I go on over to the rockin' Kick-Off in Second Life!

Thanks to Sue of Sublimely Sue for her investigation into why Andy Beard informed me that Blogger didn't support the No-Follow with COMMENTS. With Sue and Andy's expertise on this matter, I've got the solution. Actually, Sue is the genius who suggested this solution, and I'm going to follow it rather than stress myself out and move away from the Blogger platform. Sue is doing the same thing on her Blogger blog.

At the end of every week, I'm going to list and link to everyone who has left me a comment after I had posted the I-Follow Badge. This way everyone will get their trackbacks. If you're using the Blogger platform, there is no way for the comments to show the I-Follow, and it's only in the Main Body (such as I'm writing in now) that I-Follow will work. If I had two brains and knew how to employ php, there is a more advanced solution, but as you ALL know very well, I'm just a quark ahead of most of you blogging dummies--as I've said since the beginning of this blog.

I also want to thank Blog Bloke for making me ROFL this week! And how about you, Mr. "Humor-Blogs.com"? Did you have a ROFL moment or two this week also? These ROFL moments sure make the Dog Daze pass more quickly. Keep up the commentary one and all. You're my reason for carrying-on!

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Monday, July 23, 2007

8 Ways To Revive a Dying Blog(ger) | blog tips, tools, news from InstaBloke

8 Ways To Revive a Dying Blog(ger) | blog tips, tools, news from InstaBloke

Posted by kuanyin333 at 7:38 PM 5 comments

How Do You Feel About Paid Reviews?

Class, I've got to get something off my chest--the subject of paid reviews. Now before you get your knickers in a twist, Listen Up and hear me out. Even though paid reviews can be a nice little money-maker and the ubiquitous signs advertising the price of reviews give one the impression that review-purchasing is hot and heavy, I've never liked the concept. I hear you screaming in the background, "BUT WHY?"

And I'll tell you, just so I can get it off my....ahem...fairly large sized chest.
It has to do with my sense of fair play. Why should another feel such a superior blogger they can charge you for a review? Remember this: a fool and his money are soon parted. Just because they have more links and a higher Alexa ranking? BFD.

I like tit for tat in my dealings with others. I like balance in my relationships, and I like link reciprocity and comment reciprocity too. I like to give as good as I get! Call me a cock-eyed optimist if you will.

This is why I was VERY happy to discover Courtney Tuttle's post about blog review trading. What a great idea! Finally, those of us who don't want to shell out our cold hard cash can get a review too! Our day has arrived. The world is our oyster!!!!

Your homework for today is:

1. Count how many cliches I have used thus far in my post and let me know if you also use cliches for your own writing reasons.

2. Trade a review with a fellow blogger. If they're not on the list, hit them up for a trade. Be good to one another. Or even better, give someone a review for the heck of it and surprise them. We ONLY have ONE blogosphere after all.

And now your blondalicious teacher has to get back to work. Do I ever feel bettah! Thanks for listening and letting me get it off my....well, you know what!

What say you on this subject, "Mr. Humor-Blogs.com"?

Now, rush on over to THIS POST and check out the bloggers where you can trade a review.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

All Aboard For The Blog Feed Train

Class, Listen Up! I'd trying YET another experiment, this one started by none other than the Mad Cow, John Cow. What you do is this: Copy this list to your blog and then add five more to the bottom. If you're as dumb as your Blondalicious teacher, this is an exercise in patience because I had to hand link each and every subscribe link as well as the original link which made me a little bit hot under my black silk teddy! Maybe one of my brilliant students has another easier approach.

However, if you're like me, you must make sure when you're adding the subscribe link to add either atom.xml or rss.xml after the name of the blog. Here's an example: http://www.blog-blond.blogspot.com/rss.xml

For the other link that corresponds to the subscribe link, you leave off the xml, got it?

I subscribed to all of these blogs through my Google Reader since that's the way I prefer to read my daily bloggers updates. It's fast and easy. And this is how I discovered this list as I had already subbed to Blogozine.

The Original List:

Subscribe to Blogozine

Subscribe to JohnCowdotCom

Subscribe to BobmeetsWorld

Subscribe to LifeisRisky

Subscribe to TheKingKongBlog

Subscribe to My New Hustle

Subscribe to GadgetTastic

Subscribe to Life of Browie

Subscribe to Disregard Me

Subscribe to Everybody Go To

Subscribe to Brian Vaughan

Subscribe to Fuery

Subscribe to Sam Breadstone

Subscribe to Blog-Blond

Subscribe to Who's Yo Mama?

Subscribe to The Art of Living and Dying

Subscribe to Way Khool Sites

Subscribe to Wailea Daily Photo

Subscribe to People You’ll See In Hell.com

Subscribe to Catepol

Class, there are pupus and mai tais waiting for you, so jump on aboard, and let me know when you have completed this assignment by your comments.

Wanna join us, "Mr. Humor-Blogs.com"?

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Monday, July 16, 2007

The Five Types Of Bloggers

Class, gather round and Listen Up! Today I'm going to teach you about the Five Types of Bloggers plus give you great links and blog contest information. As you know, your blogalicious teacher runs around the blogosphere in her MBT sneakers all day long searching out great information to share with you.

I'm researching blogs and bloggers so that I can be the best blog teacher you'll ever have. From this research project, I have discovered FIVE distinct types of bloggers:

1. THE SERIOUS BLOGGER--usually business, corporate, political, non-profit, or news bloggers. They rarely return a comment or acknowledge your existence, even if you've schmoozed them and soaped them, and they promised to soap you back. Promises are made to be broken with them unless you're in their world. Forget about friending them, asking for a link exchange, or networking with them unless you have a 'serious' blog.

2. THE SOCIAL BLOGGER--usually Mommy bloggers, animal bloggers, humor bloggers, journal bloggers, photography bloggers, spiritual bloggers, travel bloggers, joke bloggers, and the 'on-the-make' bloggers (you know the kind!). They're congenial, easy to link-with, and are seeking to expand their network of friends. They're the type most likely to leave comments, give others link-love, and befriend others in social networks.

3. THE MONEY BLOGGER--these are the ones either making money from their blogs (and bragging about it) or looking to monetize their blogs. They are also very serious as they are driven to get The Cash. They are competitive, industrious, no-nonsense, and rarely leave comments or network with you unless they see a way to make a buck off you.

4. THE ART BLOGGER--artists and performers of all stripes who sell, promote and market their creations through blogs. Fairly friendly and approachable but busy folks, so they're social only to an extent. They like praise and attention and seek out fans.

5. THE TEACHER BLOGGER--service oriented bloggers (like your blondalicious teacher!) who share information, educate others, and are committed to assisting others. Many bloggers who post about blogging are in this category. Money isn't their goal, although it would be righteous, rockin' karma for them to receive some, don't you think? :smile:

Which type are you? Are you a pure type or a mix of several types? Let me know.

Ok...now for the great links I discovered recently:

Digg others, gain points, and barter for Digg

2. Bloggeries
Blog directory, blog forums, great blog info, and good back links

3. Buy Blog Comments
Site which is causing an uproar with bloggers Would YOU buy a comment package? Did they get this idea from a post on Blog-Blond?

4. The Prize Blog
Six Day Blogging Competition

"Over at The Prize Blog, Brian is having an awesome 6-day blogging competition and is giving away cash prizes, MP3 players, blogroll back links, Bloggeries Blog Directory listings and complete site reviews. This is one of the best blog contests you will ever find!"

What I copied and pasted above is one of the simple ways to enter this competition.

5. Back Up My Blog
Once you've signed up for this free service, your blog(s) is automatically backed up daily.

On another note before signing-off, have you paid any attention to the DC Madam story? It's quite the scandal! I'm glad I sold my book to Miz Julia before the s*** hit the fan. It was way too much work for me managing all those guyz and girlz. She should have retired like me many years ago and found her niche in a different kind of social networking, don't you agree, Mr. "Humor-Blogs.com"?

Add to Technorati Favorites

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

The I-Follow List

Class, most of you're tucked in bed dreaming of blogging revenue, hotlinking and other crazy, far-fetched ideas while your diligent, blondalicious teacher is still working into the night. After receiving the green light confirmation email from Deborah of Fast Lane Transport to copy the latest list of the bloggers participating in the I-Follow Movement, I decided to go ahead and post the list tonight.

All of these bloggers below are participating. If your I-Follow blog is missing from this list and would like to have it added, you may leave your name in a comment and I'll add you to this list. Reference earlier posts if you don't know what I-Follow is.

*As The Garden Grows
*As the Garden Grows
*Tricia's Musings
*Breath of Life Photography
*Odd Planet

*You are in My World Now
*Gadget Girl Accessories
*krissy.nu - life.unscripted
*For the Heck of it!
*Off The Cuff

*Shellis Sentiments
*The (Other) End of the Internet
*Patrick Says v2.0
*Just for Today
*Window Shopper

*The BenSpark
*Pointless Drivel
*Dilithium Crystalworks
Raw Vegan Momma
Big Bucks Blogger

Army Mom:New Jersey
Learn Spanish fast: vocabulary tricks and visualization
Chubby Mommy
I Think Therefore I Blog

Skeets Stuff
The Den of Iniquity
Home Biz Blogger
Musings Of A Manic Mom

Electric Venom
Blacksheep Speaks
Lisa Reviews
Flos Place
Losing It

My Thoughts, Ideas, and Ramblings
Dont Fear the Truth
Just Not Martha
The Web Files
A Saxy Girl

Craft Blog
Up Scheidt Creek
Open Road Biker

Guitar Licks
Tinas Treasured Thoughts
JT Music Review
Total Web Review

Celebrity Scoop
The Coffee House
A Peculiar Blog
The Knitting Fiend
A Strange Life

Charlottes Tips
Up the Hill Gang
Julies Journal

Ferrets Haven
Wampago - Music Videos and Entertainment Database

Smart Marketing Ideas
I am Who I am
Endangered Spaces

Texas RV Travel blog
CoolAdzine for Marketers
Advertising for Success
Bonnie Writes
Pink Poison Store

Gator Byte
How Can I Do That?
The Official Mrs. Rugged
That's what she said
my daily snippets

Culture Shiok!
Prudence and Madness
Just A Touch of Sweetness

Simplify Every Obstacle
Life in the Fast Lane
Ask Jason

Work At Home Musings
High Strangeness Altoona
The Chronicles of My Life
The Millionaire Secrets

Live Life Organics & Your Health
House of Freebies
Scuttlebutt Pipeline
Luna Tail

Accentuate the Positive
My Muddled Mind
Blogging made devilishly simple
Wild in London
go get global news & views

Debt Free Living
Ask Jason Business
Tip Tail - From Agility to Zen!
New Century Politics

Selenas Musings About Travel and Culture
Picture Clusters
The Ruff Draft

Musings of a Learning Wife and Mother
The Tech Inspector
Scribble On The Wall
Confessions of an Everyday housewife
Ask Jason Marketing

Journal of My Simple Life
Into the Bit
Chief Prognosticator
Selenas Musings About Life
She Rambles On

Thoughts Out of My Head
The Article Writer
Pegs AZ Life
The Wired Kayaker
JOIN - Do Follow Bloggers **

Aaron Roselo
Surviving NJ
Step away from the cake
Mom's Chatterbox
Ramblings Of An Undisturbed Mind

Blank Canvas
Marisas Dandelion Patch
Movies of My Life
By the Sea

Table for Five
gimme a break
My Home Recipe

SQKIKs Simple Tech
Women Mumbles
Shopping Flavor

A Writers Words, An Editors Eye
Candid Quips
No Average Mom
Pencil Thin
Confessions of an Everyday Housewife

Sophistishe.Org | Personal Blog
Wild & Crazy Ride
Cheffin' It!!
genki desu yo

Home Office Women
The Sun-Flower Family
Buy better - Have a Better Life
The Fibromyalgia Experiment
Down Memory Lanes

Magical Rose Garden
Midlife Musings
Life Passion Travel & More
JMH Techtronics

BenSpark 2: Electric Boogaloo
Flatwater Tech
The Pond
Winding Threads

My Road
Whats All This Then!
My Opinion Counts
The Sassy Southerner

Elements of Fishing
Aylee bits
Chief Prognosticator 2
Ask Jason Personal Tech
Selenas Musings About Raising Children

tales from the ballpark: 2007
The passionate ailurophile
Adapt, Adopt, and Improve
Internet. Serious Business
Wanders World

Ordinary Folk
My Happy Place
Xillys Blog
Simple PC Talk

Callias Pixels Blog
The Raw Review
The Raw & The Cooked
The Way It Is
Sysadmin News

Not just any ordinary blog
Chimeric Daydreams
Rinsems Rink
A Prairie View

A Mothers Horizon
The Talking Fingers on the Web
Life in General
Advanced Wellness Solutions
Callias Food

Just Julie
Christy's Coffee Break
Writer's Reviews
Fanaticspace - Blog

Successful Blogging With Random Shock
Life With Heathens
Forever Parents
pinay g-spot
Is It So?

Bloggers for Dollars
Pixie Tail
Blog Avenues

The Birds & The Beads
Muffin Mumblings
DRiNK . a . MOChA !

Call Me When You Get There
Mslovelys Blog Palace
Kalamaf Drackonsbane
On the Horizon
gone shopping!

girls day out
Im Blogging That!
Polliwogs Pond
An Unschooling Life
My Happy Place

the so called me
My Adventure into The Street
Healthy Living
Laane on the World

That Bitchy Chick

Here are my new adds to this list: supplied by Ponn at N Power Women’s post on this:
N Power Women

eMoms at Home
Creative Designs
Instigator Blog
Dawud Miracle - Healthy Web Design
Randa Clay Design
Essential Keystrokes
Chris Garrett of New Media
Andy Beard
David Paul Robinson
Casual Keystrokes
Middle Zone Musings
Work at Home Revolution
Today is That Day
Home Ec 101
Writing Thoughts
Babblz and Fresh Yields
Wisdom Walking
Unintentionally Blank
PJ Mommy
Tip Tail
Rinsem’s Rink
Skeet’s Stuff
Home Office Women
Live Life Organics and Your Health
Doris Chua
A Writer’s Words, An Editor’s Eye
Cass Knits
Mark Robinson Dot Ca

More adds as I find bloggers using Do Follow or have asked to be included:
Top Blog Mag
Magical Rose Garden
David Airey
Britton Blog
Graphic Design
The Adam Box
Little America
The Ruff Draft
Brown Baron
The Pond
Design Adaptations
Asgeir Hoem
Pure Blogging
Life Laboratory
Life Learning Today
Julie Anne Bonner
There’s a Blog in my Soup!
Getting it Write for You
Gary Conn
Who’s Yo Mama?
The Art of Living and Dying
Wailea Daily Life
Maui Skies
Moonlight Becomes Me
Vintage Tee-Shirts
Dancing Dolphin Journal

Here is Magical Rose Garden’s list for bloggers using the the DO Follow Plugin that don’t already appear on this page, which are added below:

Simple Kind Of Life
The Hockey Dad
Midlife Musings
Whatever I Feel Like
My Dandelion Patch
Surviving NJ
BizMark Tech
Two Dog Zoo
TDZ Travel
Body, Mind & Solar
Solo Technology
Fuzzy Future
On The Horizon
Our Journey
Digital Nomads
Life is Risky

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Technorati Exchange Experiment

Class, I'm back just in time to give you your Friday Homework! Not to worry, this is an easy assignment. Here's wassup: I recently added the niftiest button in the galaxy on my tool bar, and I suggest you do the same because it speeds everything up when I want to fav someone on Technorati. Yes, it's a simple green button with a white heart inside, and when you see a blog you like, you simply click it. That's all! Sweet!

I am all for speed, convenience, and ease, and the OLD way of fav'ing someone on Technorati was tedious. Now it's easy for me. And since I read Dosh Dosh did a little fav'ing experiment (which is now closed!), I thought your blondalicious teacher should run a little experiment of her own. Remember, I am nothing if not experimental.

So this weekend between chugging your beers, goofing-around, and partying, fav me and let me know that you've done so either through comments or email, and I'll fav you back. Sounds like fun, eh??? First download the button on your tool bar to make it easy, and while you're at it, fav your friends.

Now for your weekend test...a simple multiple choice:

Link Leaking is:

1. too many links for the size of the blog
2. too many outgoing links
3. someone hacked your blog and your blog is now leaking
4. all of the above
5. none of the above

The horse posted at the top is:

1. spells out what will happen when you link, subscribe, and fav Blog-Blond
2. a famous winner
3. a female horse
4. all of the above
5. none of the above

John Chow's hair is:

1. real
2. held up by hair spray or gel
3. held up by success
4. all of the above
5. none of the above

John Cow. com is:

1. a parody of John Chow
2. really written by John Chow
3. John Chow's separated-at-birth twin
4. all of the above
5. none of the above

Linkbaiting is:

1. tweaking the system
2. putting fish bait inside your blog template
3. debatable
4. all of the above
5. none of the above

Do you know the answers, Mr. "Humor-Blogs.com"?

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Meme Me One Last Time

Class, listen up! I'm going to get-it-over-with--the memes, that is! I don't know how you feel about memes, but they're like giving birth to me-- very painful! However, out of respect for two of my darling readers/students who tagged me for the EIGHT THINGS YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT ME meme, I'm going to play along.

What's painful about memes you ask? I'll tell you straight-- they're more than slightly embarrassing to me! Plus I never know who to tag. After tagging various bloggers in the past who DROPPED THE MEME BALL, I'm not gonna go there again! Thus, I will leave the meme open to whomever wants to play.

So I'm breaking rule Number 4 below, and if you don't like it, Bite Me! I don't know who the Meme King or Queen is that made up these rules in the first place... maybe some demented borg... but I'm not too worried about breaking a rule. What's the worst that can happen to me--never be tagged for a meme again?! Yeh!

So "TAG, you're it" to whomever.

"Here is how this thing works:
# * Each player must post these rules to begin the meme.
# * Each players starts with eight random facts or habits about themselves.
# * People who get tagged must blog about their eight things and post these rules.
# * At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
# * Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog."

The Eight-Things-People-Don't-Know-About-Me will also reference blogs, bloggers, and blogging tips. This way I'll feel less embarrassed about participating. After all, your blondalicious babe-of-a-teacher IS a teacher.

Here are the names and blogs of the two students who tagged me: Don of Affiliate Watcher.com and Lynda of LyndaWalldez.

Eight Things People Don't Know About Me (and probably don't give a s***):

1. I've got a secret crush on Chris Pirillo. He's a nerd with his head on straight, believes in the possibilities of et's, and creates the brilliant comic "Blaugh!....The Un-official Comic of the Blogosphere!" I bet he looks cute with his hair rumpled when Chris Pirillo wakes up in the morning. Plus, Chris Pirillo makes nerds look good.

If you wondered why I mentioned his name three times, it's because I read this in the wiki about him:
"The Pirillo Effect, coined by Mike Flynn ([1], [2]) states that if you say Chris Pirillo's name at least three times in your article or on your blog, Chris will appear and comment in some fashion. The effect was later referenced, although incorrectly sourced, in a Seattle Times article."

So I'm testing this theory out! Maybe my secret (married) crush will pay Blondie a visit?

2. I know someone on Facebook (from my past) whom I'd like to contact but don't want to do so until I have MORE facebook friends because I'd feel way too lame contacting him (or is it her?) with the amount of friends I have now (14). So if any of my beloved readers are Facebook folks, friend-me and write on my wall! This person doesn't know my blog name of Kuanyin which Facebook has written as Kuan Yin.

3. Digg is way over-rated imho, plus it's purported to be rigged.

4. Even though I have MySpace, Virb, and Xanga blogs and a Squidoo lens, I don't link to them or tell anyone my blog addies. They exist in another parallel blog-un-reality.

5. Second-Life is addictive and threatening to take over my First Life. It wasn't too long ago I joined because of the upcoming BlogHer Conference there, and already my avatar is dressed like a goddess with twinkly thingy's flashing around her head (all of which I purchased with Linden dollars) and shopping up a storm buying goodies for her new Second Life Home.

My avatar has been doing lots of exploring, flying around, and chatting with other avatars. Others have been very helpful to me, especially Queen Tureaud who will be heading-up the BlogHer Conference in Second Life. She gave me a hovercraft which was fun to fly around until I flew it into a tent and became stuck. I've packed it away in my inventory until I transfer it over to my new home. Any suggestions where to purchase real estate would be greatly appreciated. I have in mind a Grecian Temple, but I haven't been able to locate the right property yet.

6. I deleted the "Lowly Insect" from my sidebar because I was weary of being lowly and an insect. On other of my blogs, I'm a "Marauding Marsupial" and a "Large Mammal" in the TTLB Ecosystem, but here on Blog-Blond, a lowly insect--fuggedabotit! The Blond has some pride! I started as an Insignificant Microbe, so I suppose that's some consolation. There's one blog which is on the Higher Beings list which makes me wonder how the heck it made it there. Is there any way to sleep your way up the Bear Ladder? Meow!

7. The blog urban legend which goes like this: add the Alexa toolbar to your computer and the widget to your sidebar and then surf your own blog to raise your Alexa score doesn't seem to work for me. Yes, I've tried it! Your blogalicious teacher is VERY experimental. Does it work for any of you? Does a good Alexa rating matter at all? Certainly many bloggers have weighed-in on this subject, and many feel Alexa is antiquated and unimportant. Your thoughts?

8. When I twitter, I've got ZERO idea why I'm twittering. Does anyone read my twitters? Does anyone notice or care? Why do I bother twittering at all when I could be frittering? Frittering is much more fun than twittering, and I'm only twittering to experiment and determine if there's something I'm missing about twittering...and even then, I have to force myself to twitter after chugging happy juice. So why do you twitter?

That's all for today...over and out. Mr. "Humor-blogs.com", what say ye?

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Five Blog No-No's

Class, I'm back after a brief recess, and I have Five Blog No-No's for you and how to fix them. Some of these may make you squirm in your designer jeans.

Before we start, wasn't your substitute teacher/guest blogger Sue thorough with her No-Follow post? I have also removed the No-Follow from my blog template, but I haven't posted the I-Follow badge yet on my sidebar. Oh well, you know that your comments will now receive a link-back, right? So jump-on-in and mouth off, won't ya?

So Listen UP my darling ones, here are my top five Blog No-No's:

1. My number one bitch these days is the endless messaging I'm receiving from fellow bloggers on MyBlogLog. It's very simple: Don't do this! It feels like spamming, looks like spamming, and hey, it IS spamming! I'm not the only other blogger who's griping about this, as I've read plenty of negative feedback on other blogs. I bet MyBlogLog folks are probably scrambling to fix this new service. Blog relationships are important, so don't screw them up.

2. If you see a comment and haven't acknowledged it by returning a comment, this is a huge no-no. Click on the name and speed as fast as Courtney Love on crack to their blog and return the favor because that is a ***READER***, and you want readers and friends. After all, blogging is a SOCIAL enterprise. If you leave a comment, make sure your blog has been updated recently--there's nothing so depressing as going to a blog which hasn't been updated since 2006!

3. Don't hesitate to promote yourself. Holding back because you're not a BIG f****** fish doesn't matter. People forget. People have too much on their plates already. The advertising rule is that consistency works, and only after the third time will your ad even be noticed. Same goes for blogs. You will remain invisible unless you plaster your name and mug onto the blogosphere. So comment away on other blogs and in forums. Be Seen!

4. Puhlease don't plaster your blog with lots of ads! It's challenging to know where to begin reading if a blog is smothered in ads. I know some of the top bloggers do this, and frankly, the only reason that they get away with it is because they've already paid their dues, are one of the big boyz/girlz, and have a devoted following. And yet, it still looks tacky and confusing. What to do: de-clutter your blog. I never click on the ads anyway. Do YOU? I have work to do in this regard because my sidebar needs serious weeding, not from ads but from widgets run amok!

5. Don't burn yourself and your readers out by posting TOO OFTEN if you don't have anything to say! Make your posts relevant, timely, and with benefits for your readers. Much of the writing I read on blogs is re-hashed hoo-hah.

Ok. Mr. "Humor-Blogs, com", watcha think about these pointers?

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