Monday, July 23, 2007

How Do You Feel About Paid Reviews?

Class, I've got to get something off my chest--the subject of paid reviews. Now before you get your knickers in a twist, Listen Up and hear me out. Even though paid reviews can be a nice little money-maker and the ubiquitous signs advertising the price of reviews give one the impression that review-purchasing is hot and heavy, I've never liked the concept. I hear you screaming in the background, "BUT WHY?"

And I'll tell you, just so I can get it off my....ahem...fairly large sized chest.
It has to do with my sense of fair play. Why should another feel such a superior blogger they can charge you for a review? Remember this: a fool and his money are soon parted. Just because they have more links and a higher Alexa ranking? BFD.

I like tit for tat in my dealings with others. I like balance in my relationships, and I like link reciprocity and comment reciprocity too. I like to give as good as I get! Call me a cock-eyed optimist if you will.

This is why I was VERY happy to discover Courtney Tuttle's post about blog review trading. What a great idea! Finally, those of us who don't want to shell out our cold hard cash can get a review too! Our day has arrived. The world is our oyster!!!!

Your homework for today is:

1. Count how many cliches I have used thus far in my post and let me know if you also use cliches for your own writing reasons.

2. Trade a review with a fellow blogger. If they're not on the list, hit them up for a trade. Be good to one another. Or even better, give someone a review for the heck of it and surprise them. We ONLY have ONE blogosphere after all.

And now your blondalicious teacher has to get back to work. Do I ever feel bettah! Thanks for listening and letting me get it off my....well, you know what!

What say you on this subject, "Mr."?

Now, rush on over to THIS POST and check out the bloggers where you can trade a review.

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Posted by kuanyin333 at 6:35 PM


  • Blogger Blog Bloke posted at Monday, July 23, 2007  
    I like balance in my relationships too. That's why I Stumble-friended you.

    BTW do I really have to get it off your chest, or did I miss something?


  • Blogger Ad Tracker posted at Monday, July 23, 2007  
    I think I counted 11 cliches.

    I'm not going to link to it but I just posted an article about this last week. I even made up some sidebar buttons bloggers could display. - Tracker
  • Blogger kuanyin333 posted at Tuesday, July 24, 2007  
    Ad tracker: you can move to the head of the class and join Blog Bloke who is way too smart and funny for his own good.
  • Blogger Alex Na posted at Wednesday, July 25, 2007  
    What is the difference in expecting money for a review or expecting another review in return?

    I would say your "even better" way is the only one:

    "...Or even better, give someone a review for the heck of it and surprise them."

    Nice post and nice picture.
  • Blogger Sueblimely posted at Thursday, July 26, 2007  
    You hit the nail on the head again with your razor sharp wit.

    Now the world is our oyster the big fish of the blogging world better run for cover.

    Please excuse me for mixing my metaphors but your cliches drove me to it. Back to topic. I don't like the idea of Paid Reviews either - its not quite cricket in my book.I tend to give praise to other bloggers as a matter of course in my posts.

    If I am mentioning someone else's idea or creation I will give the general gist of it and praise the creator but leave something out so that readers have to visit the other site to get the full picture, specific coding etc.

    In answer to alex na I would say the difference is that if you are giving a review for the heck of it or swapping reviews it is much more likely that it will be done because of respect for the others work. The review will be done because it is deserved rather than paid for.
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Friday, July 27, 2007  
    How can you place any merit in a review when it's paid for? There's no sincerity; it's forced. Who's going to place any credence in it?

    Sure, you get the backlinks, but the same goes for memes, and you haven't been parted with your hard earned cash.

    If you want to write a review, what's wrong with doing something of your own accord that comes from the heart with your own words of praise.

    Thumbs down to paid review.
  • Blogger Nomarless posted at Monday, July 30, 2007  
    Paying for a review is like going to a psychologist/psychiarist. They are going to tell you something you all ready know - in the blog reviewer's case, that your blog is great, in Dr. Freud's case that you have "issues" - and charge you to "fix" it.

    Really no one's opinion is worth that much anymore.

    Example: go to my latest blog to learn about it. (Should be up in an hour.)
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