Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Squidoo is a Do-Do

Class, lately I have become totally infatuated with Squidoos or Squids as some call them. They are like a country cousin to blogs, but they are more tightly focused on a specific subject. If you have a passion for something and know a lot about it, Squidoos are your answer. They're not nearly as complicated as blogs and require little computer prowess-- placing somewhere between a Tumblelog and a blog in tech skill level. Of course, the great lenses are a glory to behold for they are so ALL inclusive!!

Many bloggers are also successful Squidoo lens masters.

Due to having acquired a mentor who held my hand through my first Squidoo creation and marketing, my first two Squidoos are ranking fairly high for baby Squidoos. One of them is at 2,237 and the other at 3,074 ranking. My mentor has Stumbled them for me which I'm sure helped a lot. :Smile:

You can earn money for your favorite charities with your Squidoos (lenses), or you can keep all the money earned from the advertising revenue (they split it with you) and through your own insertion of products from sites such as Amazon, eBay, iTunes and others.

You can add a RSS feed from your blog--another great feature and yet another way to gain readership for your blog!

You can create lenses to sell products, plus create lenses to get quality backlinks to your other blogs and sites such as I've done. Google seems to also have an infatuation with Squidoo so if you link to a site from there, you can have the site spidered and indexed quickly. You will also receive a good ranking for your Squidoo pages on Google.

Have any of my naughty students created a Squid? I'll show you mine if you show me yours. Errr....I mean we'll show, share and trade five stars. And if you don't know what I mean by five stars, go do your homework and find out! Get with the program!

Mr. "Humor-Blogs.com", are you a Squid-ee aussi?

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Posted by kuanyin333 at 7:29 PM


  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Thursday, August 02, 2007  
    OK Blondie, did you not link this God called Squidoo? You mean I actually have to go search for it?

    I'm another blond, imagine the trouble this is going to cause me.
  • Blogger syferium posted at Friday, August 03, 2007  
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  • Blogger Online Money Maker posted at Tuesday, August 14, 2007  
    Hi Kuanyin,
    Do you make any money using Squidoo or are you plugging it because of your infinite compassion for all beings ? I've been with Squidoo for months - I have even written 2 posts about it on my blog ! My 'lens' was even ranked 66 in shopping once upon a time! But over the months I'v been with it I've only managed to amass 54 cents ! And that shows no sign of chaning any time soon. Please tell me the secret of Squidoo, what is the point and how people make money there? Thank you o great ompassionate blond one.
  • Blogger kuanyin333 posted at Tuesday, August 14, 2007  
    Hey Old Vic: mahalo for the head's up on the slow pay-out from Squidoo. My Squidoo's are very young...not even a month old yet, so I gather from what you're saying, I won't be seeing any monies from them until I grow old!

    Thus, I hand the Squidoo Master hat over to you as you're WAY more experienced than me.

    Possibly they could serve me in another way then????
  • Blogger kuanyin333 posted at Tuesday, August 14, 2007  
    Suzy: here's the link....sorry about that blonde moment...I seem to have lots of them...don't know why! :-)

  • Blogger kuanyin333 posted at Tuesday, August 14, 2007  
    Syferium: are you making all that much money from Text-Link ads alone? If so, let me in on your secret as I didn't have a money-making experience with them.
  • Blogger Unknown posted at Friday, October 12, 2007  
    syferium said that it doesn't matter how many visitors you get, all you need is at least a PR 2 to earn money.

    So if you have 100 visitors a day and no PR you earn no money, but if you have a PR of 2 and only 20 visitors a day you're on the way to getting rich?

    Or is it just that syferium has whackked an affiliate link in the middle if his/her post that we're suppose to believe this?
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