Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Three Things You Can Learn From Puppies

Class, I'm going to ask you to go back in time with me to your childhood. Did any of you ever accompany your parents to pick out a puppy from a litter of puppies? If you missed this opportunity to pick YOUR puppy from a litter, then use your imagination and follow along because there's some valuable BLOGGING insights I wish to share with you.

The First Thing You Can Learn From Puppies:
Two Puppies Are Easier Than One Because They Keep Each Other Company

As you're introduced to the puppies and you're sitting on the floor playing with them trying to decide which one you like the best, at first you think they all look alike, right? But after playing with them awhile, you begin to notice each one has different markings and personalities.

Such differences is the case with the TWO new pixel contests initiated by bloggers Bryan Clark and Ryan Shamus.

Both contests appealed to me. The price tag is small. The pixel page looks almost identical except that Ryan's pixels are bigger and he offers a $5 rebate which makes the pixel prices the same. Both Bryan and Ryan offer prizes for handing over your respective $10 and $15 monies to them! What to do?! Here's my response: take BOTH puppies/contests/pages! Thus, I put my blond mug (as a teeny weeny little pixel) into both pages and contests. If you put up your magnifying glass to your computer screen, you'll be able to find your Blondalicious Teacher on both pages near the top.

I'm still a bit confused which one is Ryan and which one is Bryan, but as the contests age, I'm sure their markings and personalities will become more pronounced. Anyways, now I have (nearly) a matching set of pixel advertisements to go with my metaphor. This way the two will be easier to find in my cluttered closet.

The Second Thing You Can Learn From Puppies:
Take Risks

Now some readers might say you're taking this puppy thing too far, and it's looking a tad ridiculous to compare puppy lessons to blogging tips, and I say to them, "Pshaww!" Taking risks is one of the fun-damentels of dynamic blogging.

Look at John Cow ("The Miscalleaneous Ramblings of Dot Com Moooguls") and how successful this cow has been jumping over the moon with crazy cow s$$$! Has 'The Cow' taken outrageous risks and branded himself to gain readers? Heck, yes! Take risks my beloved students! Puppies do. Cows do. Top bloggers most often do!

You can even cross swords and then make-up and become friends for the whole wide world to witness as recently happened between the Bloke and ProBlogger Darren Rowse. These two played risky and then frisky.

The Third Thing You Can Learn From Puppies:
When The Dinner Bell Rings, Puppies Chow Down

For the first time in human history the ability to write and become published lickety-split and For FREE exists because of companies like Blogger. Thank You Blogger/Google! Possibly the Atlanteans or Lemurians had this opportunity, but if they did, no one remembers because their blogs are deeply buried in mud somewhere. But I digress....

The point your Blondalicious Teacher is trying to make is that you have a Grand Opportunity to express yourself like no other time in gadzillions of years. Your photos, art, thoughts & feelings printed on your posts will possibly/probably be read by your ancestors! Doesn't this give you chicken-skin? It does me! So chow down, create posts, express yourselves, and make history! Us early bloggers are the luckiest of the lucky. Don't you think so, Mr. ""?

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  • Blogger justacoolcat posted at Thursday, August 30, 2007  
    Good advice. Though, I thought when I picked out Porter and Stella (my hounds) two would be easier than one. No way.

    Twice as costly? Yes.
    Twice the love? Absolutely.
    Twice as easy? I don't think I slept for the first year.
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Friday, August 31, 2007  
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