Monday, September 10, 2007

The Blog Rehab Bust-Out Post

Class, as you (probably) know they let Lindsay Lohan out of Rehab to shop, get a spray tan, manicure, etc., and I too have briefly left Blog Rehab to post because I was tagged ONCE AGAIN for that nefarious meme "8 Things About Me" by the bodacious Olga The Traveling Bra --who last I heard had been kidnapped from the Apache Arizona Post office unclaimed package bin. So blame that d**** outrageous bra for my breakdown, ok?

Are you shocked and/or titillated that your very own Blondalicious Teacher was in a self-imposed Blog Rehab? Well, you shouldn't be! After all, in JUST one year, I have over-blogged, and I simply had to check myself into rehab and not go near a computer. Most of my darling students don't even know the half of my serious blog addiction, and that's just as well.

However, I must confess I've been sneaking and reading emails. And then when I catch myself at this old habit, I freak out because I know I've fallen off the blog-wagon once again! Yeesh! It's become painfully obvious that I'm very, very weak and easily given over to temptation for I can't be left alone anywhere near a computer or the urge to post and read emails rises up within me. I'm determined to make it at least ONE week without so much as thinking about the blogosphere.

So if you don't hear from me for awhile, know that I'm working the steps, ok? Actually, I'll be traveling like Olga The Traveling Bra, and traveling makes it easier for me. So it's no Blackberry, no notebook, no iPhone....and simply life on the road sitting around campfires under the stars with friends singing ridiculous songs and gulping down S'mores followed by too many bottles of Cristal.

So here's the way the 8 Things About Me Meme works:

1. Link to the blogger who tagged me; that would be Olga The Traveling Bra
2. List 8 random facts about myself;
3. Tag 8 people, listing their names and linking to their blogs; and
4. Let them know they've been 'tagged' by commenting on their blogs.

Here goes:

1. I prefer Facebook to MySpace--it's a more mature, sophisticated crowd. And if you wish to friend me on Facebook, look on the lower left sidebar for the link to my Facebook page--- but I absolutely refuse to give up the addie of my MySpace page. I thrive on mystery.

2. I'm weary of political correctness. I prefer to be a little edgy, a little opinionated, a little obtuse, a little clever, a little quirky, and it's good to have an improper laugh. Even pratfalls are good in my book. The more the bettah! And the blogs I like also share these qualities.

3. Generators are such fun, and I love creating with them. Thus, some of the fan mail in the Blog-Blond Mediacenter is from me! Duh! Why not?! If you don't have enough fawning fans, I say go create more! "Give It Up For Blondie, People!"

4. Did ya watch the much hyped Britney Spears comeback performance for the MTV's Video Music Awards? Did ya want to do a make-over on her like I did? I'm itching to re-do dear Britney! Her "Gimme" number was a dud, and I'd so love to coach her to do a radical Rocky (tone her abs up!) so she can kick ass again. She's a sweet girl who needs some TLC and a trusting confidante to give her some candid feedback. Brit, call me! Uh, but we won't be doing lunch! Oh no! We want to work out so as to kick some Silverman ass. Oh Yeh!

5. Blog Rehab has been x-tremely rejuvenating--it's a must for every serious blogger. I'd say going to blog rehab at least twice a year is the minimum for your sanity. It's kinda of like getting a colonic in that you don't really like the thought of it, but once the blogosphere starts moving out of you, you begin feeling your old self again.

6. I'll be on an airplane during the season finale of Big Brother 7! Sob!

7. Reality has intruded via an important phone call, and I must return to Rehab! Consulting, always consulting--this is what I do for a buck.

8. I've got a new crush!! Last time I did this 8 things about me meme, I confided a crush. Do you remember who it was? Well now I have another who zings my strings.
Tell me which one of these top 50 trendy tech leaders is it?

Life In The Fast Lane
Diesel of ""
The Blog Fairy
Mushy's Moochings
Renny BA's Terella

Peace Out!

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Posted by kuanyin333 at 6:28 PM


  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Tuesday, September 11, 2007  
    What a lovely Bust-Out post done in the great Kuanyin Style - I love it! I know all about this addiction you talk about and as soon I tracked you've been plugging me (through Technorati:-) I had to come and check you know LoL

    Actually an interesting Meme and I'm glad we are already friends at FaceBook!

    I saw Britney on Norwegian television too - almost all of her ;-) Tell me when you are taking her to your fitness center!

    Thanks again for plugging me - I feel honored and flattered and will try the best I can to return the favore!
  • Blogger Olga, the Traveling Bra posted at Tuesday, September 11, 2007  
    You are too funny! And I think I will need the name of your rehab...soon!
  • Blogger ExcedenteDeForça posted at Tuesday, September 11, 2007  
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    I think you will like it a lot.Thanks :)
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Wednesday, September 12, 2007  
    Beautifull photo...
    Ciao of Italy :-)
    Have you a nice trip!
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Wednesday, September 12, 2007  

    You don't need Blog Rehab. By walking away you've proved you can quit any time. Plus, everyone else is doing it. If it was that bad for you, why would it be legal? Just one post never hurt anyone.

    I'm actually taking next week off completely also, for some relaxation and some time with my sweetie pie. Shhh! Don't tell anyone!

    I spent a year on the road and it was a blast. I wish you a wonderful time.
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Thursday, September 13, 2007  
    You deserve the break girl! I think I'm going to need the name of your rehab too, haha.

    Thanks for thinking of me. I'm not sure how soon I can get this done, so please bear with me :-)
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Friday, September 14, 2007  
    So that's why I haven't heard from you. It ain't the same without you my dear so do return home quickly. The blogosphere misses you.

    Have a great time in rehab and return back to us with a renewed vigour, and unpolitical correctness than ever before.


  • Blogger Miss Cellania posted at Wednesday, September 19, 2007  
    You've been gone just about long enough now.
  • Blogger Olga, the Traveling Bra posted at Thursday, September 20, 2007  
    Just like I predicted..I ended up in rehab too! Hope you are having fun wherever you are!
  • Blogger posted at Tuesday, October 02, 2007  
    This will have to do:

    I don't know anything about those other subjects!
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